Where to Eat in Boston

Boston, sometimes known as Beantown, is notorious for its seafood, beans, Asian cuisine, and Italian eateries. The city has been home to Julia Child and houses many fine restaurants created by nationally recognized, innovative chefs. Currently, Boston boasts a unique “local eats” scene with a surprising number of farmer’s markets and exclusive kitchens. As to where to eat in Boston, the choices can be overwhelming. Boston’s food scene appeals to refined palates and adventurous students alike. Here is a list of ten highly-rated restaurants from least to best, cafes and bistros we recommend, the very best Boston has to offer locals and tourists.

10. Saloniki

Saloniki, opened as recently as 2016, is a four star, modern Greek sandwich shop located in the Fenway area, a particularly cultured neighborhood of Boston.

It’s paradise for people who want fresh farm-to-table ingredients on the go. They have a policy to make their own food if they can’t find it locally. Saloniki serves sandwiches, brunch, plates, soups and salads, traditional desserts, and drinks.

Chef Jody Adams is also the creator of the famous Rialto restaurant and TRADE restaurant. Saloniki makes Greek food a nice gear switch in the midst of historic schools, museums and Fenway ballpark.

  • Rating: 4-star
  • Cuisine type: Sandwiches, Greek dishes, Brunch, Fast food, Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Pricing: Sandwiches starting at $8.
  • Booking: Walk-in only, or you can order online.
  • Ideal for: Families, students, couples.
  • Address: 4 Kilmarnock Street, Boston, MA, and 181 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 2, Cambridge, MA.

9. Kirkland Tap and Trotter

Kirkland Tap and Trotter is a casual pub located in Somerville by Chef Tony Maws. They serve mostly dinner but are open for Sunday brunch, midday snacks, and feature a kids menu for families.

Kirkland Tap and Trotter is a historic space. It once housed Kirkland Cafe (also known as Studley’s), a beloved local bar that ran several local events including offering itself as a gig stage for bands, adding ambiance and charm.

This is where to eat in Boston for good pub fare and has earned four stars. Kirkland Tap and Trotter has a take-out option, but you must “buy a chicken” after 5 pm to get the meals.

  • Rating: 4-star
  • Cuisine type: Pub food, Cocktails, Sunday brunch, American fare, Vegetarian-friendly, Kids menu.
  • Pricing: Dinner entrees starting at $14.
  • Booking: Make a reservation online.
  • Ideal for: Groups, families, couples.
  • Address: 425 Washington Street, Somerville, MA.

8. Sarma

Sarma is a restaurant by Chef Cassie Piuma. Opened in 2013, Sarma is where she cooks her expression of Mediterranean style food in the form of mezes (small plates to be shared).

The food here pairs well with a specially selected wine, beer, and cocktail list. Among mezes, Sarma serves snacks, desserts, pies, pancakes, vegetable dishes, sarmas, and shish.

This is definitely where to eat in Boston for a taste of the Middle East, showing for it with four and a half stars.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian.
  • Pricing: Plates start roughly at $9.
  • Booking: Reservations can be made through their online portal.
  • Ideal for: Groups, couples, families.
  • Address: 249 Pearl Street, Somerville, MA.

7. Puritan and Company

Puritan and Company, created in 2011 and opened in 2012 by Chef Will Gilson, is a farm-to-table treat perfect for travelers, locals, and food enthusiasts of all ages.

This four and a half star restaurant serves brunch, dinner, prime rib, and fine wines. They host events, special dinners, and have a high commitment to quality through local ingredients with a relaxed atmosphere.

A unique moniker, Puritan and Co. is derived from The Puritan Cake Company, which once stood in the same location. Inman Square certainly had a variety of food but missed modern American taste, hence its foundation.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: American fare, prime rib, Farm-to-table, Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Pricing: Dinner entrees starting at $13.
  • Booking: Make a reservation through their Contact page.
  • Ideal for: Families, groups, couples.
  • Address: 1166 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA.

6. Row 34

Row 34, opened in 2013 by Jeremy Sewall, is a hot spot for the avid oyster eater. This exclusive oyster spot has a raw bar, serves lunch, midday meals, brunch, dinner, dessert, and conveniently has a take-out option available for its patrons.

Located in the Financial District, this restaurant and bar perfectly provide distinguished dining for a workweek lunch or dinner with co-workers or perhaps a weekend seafood splurge.

The restaurant’s high-quality seafood pays homage to New England traditions and boasts four and a half stars for quality.

Since Fort Point is water-front property facing the Fort Point Channel, this is clearly where to eat in Boston and is the best experience for the location.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Seafood, Oysters, Beer, American Fare.
  • Pricing: Lunch entrees starting at $4, dinner entrees starting at $10.
  • Booking: Book a table online.
  • Ideal for: Business meetings, families, couples.
  • Address: 383 Congress Street, Fort Point, MA.

5. Coppa

Coppa is a contemporary Italian trattoria located in South End, the artistic district where some of the most original and best food can be found.

Opened in 2009, this Boston gem was created by chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, serving lunch, brunch on the weekends, dinner, desserts, and cocktails.

Locally sourced and seasonal foods add some flair to the already tempting, eclectic menu, easily earning four and a half stars.

Coppa is where to eat in Boston if you’re craving pizza, small Italian dishes, and bar snacks. Coppa also conveniently delivers.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Italian small plates, Seasonal, Brunch, Cocktails, Bar food, Pizza.
  • Pricing: Lunch and dinner plates starting at $8.
  • Booking: Get a table through their Reservations page.
  • Ideal for: Families, couples.
  • Address: 253 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA.

4. Toro

Toro, opened in 2005, is located in South End as well and serves as a sister restaurant to Coppa Boston. This is where to eat in Boston for some exciting Spanish cuisine.

Owned by the same chefs, and originally their first project together, Toro offers authentic and flavorful Spanish tapas (small plates) reminiscent of Barcelona paired with an exceptional cocktail menu.

Toro also serves Sunday brunch and conveniently delivers. Not surprisingly, and in keeping with its sibling eateries, this intimate restaurant has earned four and a half stars.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Spanish tapas and cuisine.
  • Pricing: Lunch and dinner tapas starting at $8.
  • Booking: Unable to accommodate dinner reservations due to the small area, seating is first come first served basis. However, lunch and brunch reservations are available online.
  • Ideal for: Small parties, couples, families.
  • Address: 1704 Washington Street, Boston, MA.

3. Oleana

Oleana is a Mediterranean farm-to-table restaurant serving small plates in the form of mezes. It has a sister restaurant in Sarma, a sister bakery and cafe called Sofra.

Additionally, all of their fresh ingredients can be sourced to Siena Farms. This popular spot has received rave reviews from its patrons and as a result, has earned four and a half stars.

They serve mezes, sides, dinner, desserts, and have a wine list to compliment their food. Oleana boasts two big chef names: Ana Sortun, chef and owner, and Maura Kilpatrick, the pastry chef who inspired the opening of Sofra.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Pricing: Mezes starting at $3, dinner plates starting at $22.
  • Booking: Call the restaurant for reservations.
  • Ideal for: Families, couples, groups.
  • Address: 134 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA.

2. Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang is a hip Asian-themed diner that takes traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes and adds new, interpretive flair to them.

The restaurant is a collaboration of two chefs, Joanne Chang and Executive Chef Karen Akunowicz. Myers is the name of Joanne’s husband, Christopher, whom she met working at Rialto, and whom she collaborates with to create dishes.

Together they had noticed a Bostonian craving for new Asian when they founded the diner. It is relevantly located in South End, the more vibrant and artsy district of Boston where artists and foodies thrive; four and a half stars.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: Fresh, local Southeast Asian street food, Vegetarian, Gluten-free.
  • Pricing: Lunch entrees starting at $16, dinner entrees starting at $13.
  • Booking: Reservations can be made through OpenTable.
  • Ideal for: Couples, students, groups.
  • Address: 1145 Washington Street, Boston, MA.

1. Alden and Harlow

Alden and Harlow is a top-notch restaurant located in Harvard Square where Casablanca, an iconic dining room and bar, once stood. Needless to say, the new restaurant fills Casablanca’s sizable shoes very well.

Chef Michael Scelfo shares an inspired American taste with well-sourced, quality ingredients and gives the traditional American table food fresh, innovative flavor. The restaurant serves brunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert.

Opened in 2013, Alden and Harlow offers cocktails, live events, and feature something called a “Secret Burger” available on a limited basis during dinner; clearly, this is where to eat in Boston when you feel adventurous.

  • Rating: 4.5-star
  • Cuisine type: American fare, Cocktails, Brunch, Vegan, and Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Pricing: Dinner entrees starting at $12.
  • Booking: Go to their OpenTable page for reservations.
  • Ideal for: Couples, families, groups.
  • Address: 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA.

The great variety of artistic, flavorful foods in the unique neighborhoods of Boston is what makes the area so attractive to seasoned city dwellers and people passing through. If you ever wonder about where to eat in Boston, think in districts and find the closest to you or the hotel you’re staying at. But, you should definitely eat at Alden and Harlow at least once. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences if you go to any of these fine institutions.

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