Unraveling the Mystery of Annecy

Unraveling the Mystery of AnnecyOnce the capital of Geneva, now the alluring city hidden between the French Alps, the city of Annecy is the excellent detour between Lyon and Switzerland. It may seem like a typical little old town, but there is something truly fascinating about it!

It seems as though times has stopped for this small commune submerged in azure waters. The picturesque cityscape has changed little in the last hundred years and buildings have managed to preserve much of their medieval charm which combined with the narrow canals and crooked streets paint the charming image of the Venice of Savoy. The only allusion to the present are the modern amenities distinctive of a respectable resort. As such the city is full of boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels to cater for all tastes.

The chateau is reminiscent of the antique fortifications representative for the year 1800 and is part of the cultural heritage of French architecture. The structure placed on the hilltops completes the image of a town lost in time.

Annecy has become a popular destination for thousands of visitors. But it is the “Fete du Lac” spectacle of light and sound that attracts the most people. In this period more than a hundred thousand travelers reunite in the celebration of the return of Savoy to France.

The Annecy Lake is also an important attraction which offers a variety of activities for the more intrepid souls. For those interested in the historical aspects of the town, the Castle and Palais’ d’Isle (a former palace transformed into a prison) are home to many interesting pieces of historical value.

In spite of its size, the city is very well presented by means of different events and festivals. The old city is very popular. Firstly for its beautiful boutiques lining the narrow stone-paved streets, secondly for its constant activities. Annecy is a great place to be anytime. Whether you have an interest in shopping or having a drink in a poetical coffee pub, you are in the right place.
The great thing is that you can visit it all year round. The summers are warm and sunny, the winters are mild and pleasant. In October Annecy is host to the ” Descente des Alpages” festival. This is a traditional farmer’s festival which people celebrate in a delightful way, through music, traditional food, and dances.

If French people were to design Venice all over again, it would be Annecy. Because of its rich history, genuine character, colorful streets and incredible services the tiny jewel of France proves the saying “Strong essences are kept in small bottles”. It is absolutely worth the trip.

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