10 Trips to Europe Great Packages

If you are planning to go straight to the heart of Europe this year and explore some of the best travel destinations out there, we believe that you can find affordable travel packages consisting of flexible itinerary, great accommodation and lots of great attractions to have fun with family or friends. Whether you are dreaming about visiting Paris, London or any other major European city, be confident that you’ll discover some of the best trips to Europe great packages. Because we know how much you love being on the road, we have gathered an useful list of optional vacations, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

With every travel you take, more horizons are widely opened in front of you as well as new ways to enrich your life, especially when you’ve started a fresh year with high expectations. For those thinking of seeing more cities in 2014, see below our recommendations carefully selected with great Europe trip packages for every budget. Still undecided about your next travel destination? Maybe our diverse list of trips to Europe will come in handy with your personal taste.

10. Munich – Salzburg – Vienna Tour

Have you ever dreamed about getting to Vienna, but never got the chance? Now here’s an excellent opportunity to discover not only this charming Austrian capital, but another two great cities like Munich and Salzburg. In addition to these top places, tourists will benefit of a unique visit to King Ludwig’s castle situated in Neuschwanstein including a delicious lunch with traditional Bavarian treatment food. The next stop is in Insbruck where you can walk in the Old Town and admire its natural landscapes, then go to Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg and visit Mirabell Gardens and St. Peter’s Churchyard sights as well.

The tour also includes a stop in Mondsee where visitors can admire the Parisian church, followed by a relaxing yet romantic Danube Cruise with coffee and cake on the way to your much awaited city, Vienna. A must-see place during your sightseeing tour will be the impressive Schonbrunn Palace plus the Prater amusement park as well as other spots that will make you feel more inspired with ideas for art and culture for upcoming journeys. The 8-day your will end with a special dinner including wine and a beautiful classic concert at the Kursalon. There’s no better way to say goodbye to Vienna and end up a 8-day tour, right?

In terms of accommodation, this great package provides modern and top notch 3 or 4-star city hotels located in a very good area with all needed facilities and services that will make you feel very comfortable during your stay. Besides that, you’ll have full buffet breakfast daily, a special welcome dinner in Munich, the delicious lunch in Neuschwanstein, 3 course dinners plus the farewell dinner and concert in Vienna.

If you are interested in this 8-day tour from Munich to Vienna, we inform you about an average price estimated at 1,500 euros without airfare, meaning that you’ll need extra cash for getting cheap flights.

Munich Salzburg Vienna Tour

9. London – Paris

A week-long vacation to Europe in one of its major cities is every traveler’s wish for this year, since there are so many amazing places to explore. Therefore, we suggest to check out this tempting deal with a memorable vacation for 6 days to London and Paris starting from 900 euros.

If you are wondering what’s so great about this package, we say it’s a perfect occasion to discover Paris, one of the most romantic cities on earth in three days and its main attractions. There are so many things to do and see in the French capital, but with a limited time you can take a stroll on the Champs Elysees or see the Arch of Triumph building or pay a visit to the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous constructions in the world and annually visited by an impressive number of people.  During your stay in Paris, remember to taste its delicious cuisine including a wide varieties of cheese, pastries or drink a good wine produced in the area. Obviously, the Louvre museum is another must-see attraction and one major cultural sights for lots of tourists around the world coming to visit Paris.

As for your stay in London, known as an exciting destination for everyone is also home to grand museums, beautiful parks, impressive architecture or famous landmarks such as Big Ben, the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus square or London Eye that are among the most important places you need to discover in the 3-day trip. Meet your favorite movie star in Madame Tussauds, experience a few hours of shopping in one of the top shops on Oxford street, enjoy relaxing moments in the beautiful Hyde Park or have a great dining experience in the city by trying some of the best cuisines in the world. 

For those interested to enjoy a 6-day trip to Paris and London, the deal package includes accommodation in a good hotel (with a breakfast option) for 3 nights in both cities, travel with the fast speed Euro Star Train between these two locations plus different hotel taxes. Take advantage of this Europe trip package by paying a reasonable amount of money for a mini vacation in two of the most visited European capitals.

Paris with Eiffel Tower

8. Tours of Alps

When it comes to winter sports, Austria is considered among the first options for a large number of tourists, especially for its diverse and wonderful mountain landscapes or skiing in the Austrian Alps. How does it sound a 10-day itinerary with a departure from Munich to Salzburg and Inssbruck, passing through Fussen city and the Austrian skiing area, Zell Am See? Could you ask for more?

Tours of Alps package costs around 2,200 euros and includes hotels staying for 2 nights (breakfast option) in every city mentioned in this circuit, transportation with the Inter City-Express (ICE) between these major cities, as well as hotel taxes. Asides from accommodation and transport guaranteed by this offer, there are plenty of reasons to consider the Europe trip package such as discovering Munich, home to the world’s largest annual event Oktoberfest where you can taste different beer choices, art treasures, charming architecture and more sights that make it so fascinating for visitors. Located 100 km from Munich, Fossen has its iconic landmark called High Castle Gothic complex plus more masterpieces built in this style waiting to be discovered. Then, there’s Innsbruck, one of the most beautiful and popular ski centers in Europe with lots of areas for beginners or intermediate-level skiers and other breathtaking landscapes.

Don’t forget about Zell Am See and its charming old center that creates a perfect holiday atmosphere for guests, as well as winter sports areas equipped with modern facilities. Moreover, the location provides the possibility to experience other sports throughout the year such as snowboarding, ice skating, hockey and more outdoor sports. The last 2 nights in Salzburg will be a real joy for art lovers eager to visit the birthplace of Mozart plus more beautiful castles and palaces, so why not taking advantage of this tour and discover the wonderful places in Austria?

Grindelwald Village Panorama, Switzerland

7. Stockholm – Helsinki

Begin a unique Scandivania adventure this year by choosing a great package that includes visiting two amazing places: Stockholm and Helsinki for a special price of approximately 950 euros for 6 nights with a flight between cities. The itinerary includes: accommodation offered in a hotel for 3 nights in Stockholm and another 3 nights in Helsinki, transportation Stockholm-Helsinki by Regional Air.

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, and the most populous city in the Scandinavian peninsula, is beautifully positioned and rich in stunning scenery that will delight every tourist’s eyes. Be confident that we can find plenty of reasons to say why you should include this place on your top list this year, but we’ll sum up only a few of them such us: the Old Town, idyllic and spectacular landscapes, walking around Djurgarden Island (Game Park in English) considered one of the top attractions, visit the famous Vasa Museum or watch the changing of Royal Guard in Stockholm, as a great experience for all ages.

The second destination, Helsinki, and the capital of Finland, is known as a top travel destination for tourists, including adults and kids alike with lots of attractions to discover and activities to enjoy during your 3-night stay. It is a city full of color with large streets and squares, amusement seaside parks, outdoor events and concerts or fine and interesting museums. Therefore, enjoy a walk in the Old Town and see the Scandinavian architecture, take a tour at the Central Railway Station, another top attraction in Helsinki or have a memorable day with the whole family in the Linnanmaki amusement park plus many other great things to do. Do you need more reasons to start booking for this great Europe trip package?

6. Rome – Athens

Another great package we recommend trying is Rome – Athens with the chance to visit two of the most world-known places that attract millions of tourists every year. Price for this offer starts at 840 euros with the mention that it can be customized depending on your needs and options in terms of specific hotels, dates or activities chosen. However, this trip includes hotel for 3 nights in Rome plus another 3 nights in Athens with all needed taxes, flight connection Rome-Athens by air.

Still wondering what’s so special about this package? Aside from having a reasonable starting price, you’ll be staying in Rome for 3 nights and get the opportunity to explore some of the top points of interests such as Colloseum, probably the most visited building in the center of the city, the Pantheon that remains still a well-preserved construction from the ancient Rome or the Trevi Fountain, known as one of the top busiest yet beautiful spots in Rome. Since you’re spending 3 nights in Rome, do all the best and see the highlights of Vatican city, including a special visit at the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Athens city, on the other side, can offer great moments for all tourists with its two best jewels: Acropolis and Parthenon that you must include in the itinerary, so you can have a glimpse of the Greek history and find out new insights. But if you need more reasons to start planning your trip, consider the Greek cuisine on the list as well with its delicious and traditional dishes plus a great weather with sunny days in the summer season.

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