Travelling to Brighton Beach

BrightonIf you are planning on travelling abroad for your next summer holiday, then think twice. Although staycations are growing in popularity because of the economic situation facing many Brits, there are more reasons to stay in the UK than the fact it’s cheaper. For example, taking the train to go on holiday can actually seemmore glamorous, like something from a 1950s novel. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, Britain has some amazing destinations that you rarely get to experience as a resident. Although the most visited locations in the UK are usually cities such as London and Edinburgh, Britain has some of the oldest and best beaches in Europe.

Brighton beach is one of the most historical tourist attractions in the UK. Although it is now commonplace for people of all nationalities and cultures to holiday by the sea, this was not the case until around two hundred years ago. In the eighteenth century, the sea was seen as a terrifying presence, and the idea of holidaying anywhere near it would have seemed mad. However, in the Georgian period, English doctors began to recommend sea air as a cure for a range of ailments, and many wealthy Brits began to buy houses by the sea. These quickly became fashion symbols, and the idea of a beach holiday was born.

The first modern beach destination in the world was Brighton. With its proximity to London and its long stretch of beach, the town became the place to be and only lost its crown with the advent of cheap package holidays in the 1960s. The beautiful architecture of Brighton belies its grandiose history, with Royal Pavilions being home to the English monarchy during their trips to the seaside. The place still holds a sentimental attachment in the eyes of many Londoners, and with its easy train journey from the capital, remains a popular tourist destination.

Brighton has been home to some of the great British works of art, from Graeme Greene’s classic novel ‘Brighton Rock’ to The Who’s mod-inspired rock film ‘Quadrophenia’. Both of these romanticise Brighton, showing the affection that many hold for the town. If you are planning on doing a pilgrimage for either of these works, then look for specifically-themed Brighton hotel deals in some of the locations featured in book or film. Particularly during the off-season you can stay in some of the town’s most iconic locations without too much prior planning needed.

If taking the train to Brighton is not plausible, or you simply prefer the speed and ease of air travel, then there are plenty of other options. Often, looking for flight offers will give you a cheaper price than on the train, and by flying into a nearby airport, you will significantly reduce your travel time. With a little planning and foresight, you will soon be taking in the sea air in the way that people of all walks of life have done for centuries. Regardless of your areas of interest, Brighton and the surrounding area will have something to entertain everybody.

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