Top Malaysian Islands to Spend your Vacation

What can be more relaxing that spend your summer vacation on an exotic island? The country of Malaysia is an amazing place, known worldwide for its beautiful beaches visited by many tourists every year. If this Asian country is on your short list, you can have lots diving and snorkeling destinations, because it has dozens of islands on the east and west coasts with breathtaking landscapes and plenty of relaxation.

The area features stunning beaches with a crystal clear water, colorful coral reefs, tropical rain forests, diverse cultures, excellent conditions for tourists and welcoming people. If you are planning a travel destination in Asia, looking for an exotic island to enjoy a memorable holiday, Malaysia is home for a variety of islands from the charming Penang to the budget friendly Perhentians, the perfect getaway for any couple of family who need to stay away from a crowded city.

Langkawi is one of the best-known islands in the area, recognized as a luxury travel destination and located in the Andaman Sea at the border with Thailand. It is actually an archipelago of 99 Malaysians islands, having the same beautiful beaches like the rest of islands. The largest islands from this big archipelago is Pulau Langkawi that has a population of approximately 65.000 persons, offering lots of things to do and see for tourists.

Malaysian Islands

Perhentian islands are a must-see place for budget travelers and still have the opportunity to enjoy lots of great things from the wonderful aquatic life to its beautiful beaches. This area is divided in two important islands: Perhentian Besar, the big island and Perhentian Kecil, the small one. The best part for these islands is that they offer affordable accommodation. Tourists can explore and the tropical jungle that covers these islands.

Malaysian islands

Redang archipelago is composed of nine small islands and located in the east coast of Malaysia, offering a large array of fine beaches with white sands and crystal blue waters. Tourists have the chance to admire a diverse species of baby sharps or nemo fish, as well as experiencing diving and snorkeling activities with the adequate equipment. Adventurous travelers can try a jungle trekking organized and guided by the locals.

Malaysian Islands

Sipadan is considered the right place for expert divers, because this area is full of exotic species that can be admired by people fascinated about an amazing underwater world. To protect a fragile ecosystem, in 2004 the Government has decided to close all the resorts on the island, but the diving activity is still allowed. Hundreds of species of corals, sharks or sea turtles can be admired in this area by those interested to discover the underwater labyrinth.

Malaysian Islands

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