The Wonders of Arizona

The Wonders of ArizonaA huge portion of Arizona’s landscape is formed from extensive desert landscapes, but there are also beautiful Lakes, Rivers, Canyons and mountains to be seen. The state is divided between three topographical features: a high plateau, a mountainous region and desert valleys. The American State is also home to one of the world’s natural seven wonders, the Grand Canyon. But before you venture in Arizona, get the information you need to ensure your safety and itinerary.


Arizona is very popular for its great outdoors. Explore the Sonoram Desert, or take a walk through picturesque Sedona. You can hike, ride a mule, raft ride and many other. The Grand Canyon with it’s rocky formations, formed by the Colorado River, is an adventure unlike no other. The Monument Valley is also very popular for the buttes and mesas which create incredible landscapes. Another prominent element of Arizona’s landscape is a Ponderosa Pine forest which stretches across the state.


Visiting Native American Tribe reservations has become very popular, however there are some things to consider before doing so. Celebrations and dances are part of the religious manifestation of the natives and should be treated with respect, this goes for villages as well. At the moment Arizona is home to 22 Native American Tribes which play a huge part in the history and culture of the state.


Arizona has a varied menu, with Mexican influences. Street tacos, hot dogs, carne seca and Nuevo Latino dishes are common at restaurants such as Janos, Poca Cosa or Turqouise room. The popular cocktails are margarita and microbrew, as well as traditional wine. Some of the highlights of a trip to this land, can be the nightlife and entertainment. Whatever your mood, there is a place for you in Arizona. Whether you’re looking for some genuine Native American cuisine, or for something more exciting like dancing the night away, there are a lot of places which can satisfy your desires.


America’s natural “amusement park” can be found in the sunny state of Arizona, where adventures await your family behind every corner. There is a wide selection of Old West towns with mines, railroads and other western attractions to engage the little ones. Let’s not forget the many zoos and wildlife parks, the water activities – rafting, swimming and the road-trips on Lake Powell or Lake Mead.

Sunny valleys and awesome weather make Arizona the perfect playground for outdoor activities with family or friends. The mesmerizing landscapes, rich culture and exciting nightlife are great reasons to put this state on your travel list.

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