The United States Of Micronesia

The United States Of MicronesiaMicronesia is located on the Western coast of the Pacific, comprising over 600 small islands, between the Palau Islands and Marshal Islands. Both geographically and politically, it is divided into 4 archipelagos: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae, which are actually 4 different states. Most of the islands are coral atolls. The temperatures, here, barely go below 26 degrees and the main rainy season lasts from June till September. This insular republic is exposed to very frequent cyclones.

Diving in Micronesia

Micronesia is a paradise for divers. The coast waters of the island are the habitat of many species of animals. From December to February, the waters around Yap Island lure many experienced divers because a lot of sea cats gather here in this period. These waters are 70 m deep and hide many ship wrecks that work as a magnet for explorers.

The Mysterious Ruins of the Citadels

A lot of islands in Micronesia offer the possibility of recreation trips or visitation trips for tourists. The most visited ruins are those in Lelu, one of  Kosrae islands and in Pohnpei-the ruins of the Nan Madol fortress. The royal palaces, the temples, the belfries, the houses and the funeral chambers were built on artificial islands interconnected through navigable canals. Huge blocks of basalt, used to build this complex monument were probably brought using rafts. Built by a population not yet identified, the fortress probably appeared in the XIII th century.

Stone Money on the Yap Island

The stone coins in Yep Island, known as “Rei”, round aragonite disks, with an almost 4 m diameter, that can be found around houses in the Yep Island are a sign of wealth and good life. These coins look more like mill stones; holed in the middle they were initially used as means of transportation. Nowadays there are about 600 such coins. Despite the dollar currency, they are still very valuable.


Most people living in Micronesia rely on the boats as their main means of transportation between islands. The main ports are Colonia (Yap), Weno (Chuuk), Kolonia (Pohnpei). There are very few roads, a network of about 240 km. However, there are international airports in Pohnpei and Yap. Mini busses, taxies, rental cars, bicycles and motorbikes are available for public transportation. Accommodation could become a problem as there is a limited number of hotels in all the 4 archipelagos.

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