The Magic of Travel Journals

Travel journals

The possibility of carrying around the internet in our pocket has changed everything: from the way we interact and socialize to way we travel. We are always available, never offline.  We can’t simply enjoy a place and maybe take a picture, we need to share it with all our friends, some of whom aren’t even our friends. And because of that so many people nowadays have turned against new technology. I am not one of them, I do believe that it is great for us, but I do find that some things from the past should be making a comeback, such as travel journals. What are the ups and downs of using a travel journal? How does it compare to an iPhone or an iPad? New technology versus old technology head to head!

How It All Started

When I went to Burano, everything was so colorful and full of life, I was so amazed! I had to take as many pictures as I could possible take and I felt the need to write my thoughts down, so I started writing on a piece of napkin. It wasn’t something corny like a poem or anything like that, it was simply a recollection of the things I had done and seen that day. When the napkin was full, I asked the bartender to give me a piece of paper and that was that. You may know that I love reading travel journals and Blue Highways is my favorite. I urge you to read it, you will learn so much and it will change the way you view America, I promise. The people have a voice and the places beckon you to visit them! So I was back in my room looking at my napkin and my piece of paper and I got the idea of a travel journal. The next day I bought a simple notebook and I haven’t stopped since. I now have 13 travel books and hopefully one day after I decide to bring some order into the chaos, someone will be interested in reading something I wrote.

Travel journals

New Technology versus Old Technology

No matter how much you may hate technology you have to admit that the things we can do these days are pretty awesome. But some say, and I tend to agree, that we have taken things just a little too far. While it is great to be able to know at all times exactly where we are, thanks to a wide range of GPS apps, something is lost here, the magic of discovering places on your own or interacting to the locals, making friends and hanging out. Having an iPhone makes your vacation perfect when it comes to choosing the right hotel, place to eat and hang out, but takes away much of the element of surprise which can make or break a vacation. I remember getting lost one time when I was 20 in a town in Cuba. My bus broke down and we had to wait for it to be repaired. I had no idea where I was and when I was going to get out of there. I ended up spending an awesome evening with some locals in a restaurant. Had I had an iPhone there I would have immediately start searching for a hotel and lose the chance to meet amazing people.

Travel Journals and Their Magic

Now, you may be wondering why I said that travel journals are magic. Well, because they are! If you write something on a tablet, or on your phone, when you access that information you get only that information, those words, black on white. But when I go through my travel journals, I see my handwriting and how sometimes when I’m excited about something I tend to be in a hurry, I smell the piece of paper and I see the mementos I put inside my journal. Besides, they look pretty awesome!

There is another thing I find absolutely fascinating about travel journals: they only keep getting interesting. While you can get tired of reading the same document about your vacation, you will never get tired of your travel journal. You’ll never get tired of going through it, I promise.

What do you prefer when it comes to new technology versus old technology? Do they even compare? Do you think you’ll be giving the travel journal a go after reading this article? Have you ever tried keeping a travel journal or a journal? Give us your feedback in the comment section below.

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