Surinam – A Country Among Waters


SurinamOne of the 3 northern countries in South America known as the Guyanese, Surinam is located between Guyana and French Guyana, not only geographically speaking but also in terms of population and economic development. The country bears the name of the Surinam River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, very close to Paramaribo, the capital of this state.

Among the most interesting trips in Surinam, there are the expeditions in the rainforests. If you want to explore the rainforest in a canoe along the waters you must be accompanied at all times by experienced trustworthy guides. The sights are very impressive and most definitely unique. There are about 150 species of mammals living in these rainforests: the jaguar, the ocelot, the tatuu, the tapir, and countless types of monkeys. There are approximately 700 species of birds and the most beautiful are the humming bird and the toucan.

There are also some dry and sandy soiled savanna areas. In the coastal region, where the swamps lie, in the estuaries of the rivers, mangrove forests and small trees grow on the little sheets of sheltered land or on the small islands. When the tide comes, only the top branches of these forests can be seen. The coastal area is worth exploring. The Wia Wia Eastern natural reservation, with its long sandy beaches is very spectacular. Water sports amateurs usually go to Nieuw Nickerie, a city on the coast, near Courantyne River, marking the border with Guyana. Another current destination is the Brownsberg reservation, not far from Paramaribo. This is easy to get to. It should take no more than 2-3 hour ride from the capital.

To the South the mountain peaks rise more numerously above the river shaped plains. The border with Brazil lies along the Serra do Tumucumaque hills, separating the Surinam rivers from the Amazon basin. There is a natural reservation right in the heart of Surinam, a result of the fight that the black and indigenous populations living here took against the Asian projects against the environment. Surinam has the largest area of protected rainforests. The largest natural reservation is Ellerts-de-Haan, located in the South-Western part of the country.

Surinam is a hot country with high temperatures and heavy rain all year. In the central region of the country the rivers are the main transportation means. Good terrestrial roads can only be found near the coast. Buses travel from Paramaribo to most large cities. There is an international airport located in Paramaribo.

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