Peru, the Empire of Hidden Treasures

Peru, South AmericaWith every travel destination you take, the spiritual richness is higher, because you have the occasion to interact with people from other cultures, mentalities or countries, as well as making new friends from different parts of the world. If you’ve never been to South America before, but you are curious to walk through the land of glorious Incas, Peru is an amazing journey filled with hidden treasures, wonderful landscapes and interesting points of interest.

Peru is, without any doubt, a very attractive travel destination for many tourists with a plenty of places to explore and visit in a memorable journey in South America. Images of Machu Picchu, an old jewel for these places, the wildlife and pure nature or lush Amazon jungle can form a magical pucture of Peru.

Reasons to visit one of the largest South American country can be endless, but we’ll try to focus on the most important ones to help you book a vacation to Peru.

  1. Machu Picchu is practically a symbol and a jewel for Peru, so no travel to this land can be complete without a tour of it. Here you can explore a fine selection of fascinating antique ruins built around 1450, a truly masterpiece of the Incas, which has been titled the New Seven World Wonders, a magical and alive proof for the Inca Empire. For those travelers passionate about history, this amazing location is totally worth it.
  2. Traditional and vibrant festivals show a mix of ancient and modern Latin culture, by a number of colorful festivals taking place in Peru. The locals have a national day of Peru’s Independence celebrated during two days July 28 and 29 with lots of local traditions, military parades plus many fireworks to ensure everyone spends a great time. There’s also a Inca festival of Inti Raymi celebrated on June 24, which is a perfect timing to visit Machu Picchu and Peru.
  3. The Wonderful wildlife is a top reason to see and admire the diversity nature with desert, mountains, jungle or rainforest, as well as an impressive number of animals such as cougars, llamas, jaguars and more found in National Parks. If you love nature, Peru is the place to be, if we think of a high number of national parks, national reserves and sanctuaries to admire a diverse environment on the earth.
  4. The food in Peru is really good and healthy, with nutritious and rich in flavor products that can be consumed without worries. Needless to say that Peru is considered to be the culinary capital of South America, a great place to try some tasty dishes. Most of them are seafood and fish cooked in many ways, as well as traditional specialties such as roasted cuy (guinea pig) or Peruvian snacks.

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