Must-see Places in the Hague

Peace Palace, The HagueThe Hague is one of the most interesting and attractive cities to consider visiting at least one time. Needless to say, it is the place for the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations and located in a beautiful historic palace called Peace Palace, one of the top attractions for visitors.

It is the third largest city of the Netherlands, after two important cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam, located in the est of the Netherlands and proudly carries its title as the International city of Peace, Justice and Security. The Hague is actually the home base for international organizations in the field of peace, being called <the city of peace and justice> and the seat of national government.

If you decided to go and spend a couple of days in this city, but don’t know which are the most important and interesting points of interests in the Hague, check out the list below:

  • Madurodam, Miniature city is a top attraction in the Hague. If you love miniature objects, railways, it means that you’ll also enjoy this location. This miniature city is a small replica of the main attractions in the country with a very good representation, interesting buildings that is worth visiting such as the Dutch houses of Parliament, historic houses, the canals of Amsterdam or other castles, palaces, all of them accurately reproduced in landscapes.
  • Peace Palace is perhaps the most representative and recognizable building located in the city. It houses the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague Academy of International Law plus the Peace Palace Library. With a beautiful design in a Neo-Renaissance style and fine interior details, it is worth visiting because it’s an important edifice, the home of the “World Court”.
  • Escher Museum is located in the fabulous Lange Voorhout Palace and is home for the works of an important Dutch graphical artist named like the Museum, M.C. Escher. Featuring an impressive collection of lithographs, woodcuts and other works by this artist, it is a good place to visit for fans of art in generally.
  • Noordeinde Palace, which was formerly known as the Old Court, it dates back to the early 16th century and is owned by the Royal family. With an impressive architecture, the Palace is an official workplace of Queen Beatrix, with no full access to visitors, but its magnificent gardens are still open to the public. It is one of the four royal palaces in the Netherlands and an interesting attraction to consider seeing while visiting the Hague.

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