Iceland, The Land of Elves and trolls

Iceland, The Land of Elves and trollsWhen the first intrepid Celts ventured North, across the Ocean, to the other side of the globe, they found, what they thought, was a frozen wasteland dotted with volcanoes, geysers and thermal springs, drifting in the endless sea, populated by birds, mice, and foxes. Two centuries later, one wise and curious explorer, Leifur the Lucky, thought the world can’t possibly end with the sea and he discovered North America.

In the present day, Iceland is the least populated country in Europe, the second largest Island, after UK, and one of the youngest stretches of land in the world. Although it was once covered with forests, because of the oceanic climate, winds and v0lcanic soil, it has become a wasteland. It is a land of contradiction, and very unique. It consists mostly of glaciers, but there are also places where volcanoes sputter smoke and lava.

The most spectacular thing to see in Iceland is a geyser, a natural water fountain. The oldest and most well known Icelandic geyser was cleverly named, Geysir. To reach Iceland you absolutely need to book a flight with a specialized airline, such as Iceland Air Express, Scandinavian Airlines or British Airlines. The capital city of this country is Reykjavik, a beautiful oasis in a frozen desert. A guided tour of the city costs around 600 euro and it includes accommodations, tours and trips to the Blue Lagoon.

If you have decided to spend your Christmas in Iceland, prepare for some breathtaking scenery and deafening cold. The only way to escape the low temperatures is to take a warm bath in the thermal waters which can be found almost everywhere. Another major attraction is the Dettifoss Waterfall, the tallest waterfall on the continent.

Winter starts early here, September already begins to feel very cold, and the best way for people to warm up is by drinking lots and lots of alcohol. It won’t be hard for you to make new friends in one of the many pubs in the capital city. An all inclusive, vacation with a personal car will cost about 1500 euros. This is the most efficient way to see the Sulur mountains, the Blafell mountain ( home to the Bergthor troll ), the ski resorts in Tindur, and the volcanic craters filled with thermal waters of Viti.

While some landscapes are constantly transformed by the relentless volcanoes, other parts haven’t changed at all in thousands o years, since the vikings walked these territories. Vegetation is practically nonexistent, the sheep graze happily in the fjords, and Reykjavik rises proud and beautiful in the arctic landscape, like an artificial mountain of ice.

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