Five Fun Things to Do in Lanzarote

LanzaroteWhile it’s true that Lanzarote is not as big as Tenerife, nor as swanky as Gran Canaria, it is perhaps the one Canary Island that’s best suited for romantic getaways or family vacations. There are plenty of awesome accommodation opportunities, you can always catch a shuttle to and from the closest airport via Last Minute Transfers Lanzarote—and, last but not least, you are sure to have the time of your life. How? Doing what? Find out below.

  1. El Diablo Restaurant in Timanfaya

The natural volcanic park of Timanfaya is clearly the island’s biggest attraction, with out-of-this-world, surreally beautiful landscapes, as well as plenty of grounds to explore on foot or otherwise. However, one lesser known attraction at the park is the ‘volcanic dining’ experience provided by the El Diablo Restaurant. The restaurant sits right at the top of the volcano, and the grilled dinners are cooked by the flames of the volcano itself! There is live music played by local musicians, some great sangria to taste, plus the house special: the volcano cake, which erupts into red-and-gold lava.

  1. Tour Southern Lanzarote

The southern part of the island is home to the Timanfaya volcano and, as such, boasts impressive landscapes in all imaginable shades and hues. Since the terrain is of volcanic origins, the view is almost lunar, with oddly shaped rocks in blue, purple or ochre. The landscape is further enriched by the presence of vineyards, out of the grapes of which the locals make their famous sweet red wine. The half-day tour also includes trips to El Golfo, an azure lagoon surrounded by red cliffs, with the immaculate El Janubio salt pyramids close by. The lava caverns at Los Hervideros make the sea look as if it’s boiling, since it’s bubbling from below.

  1. Go Deep-Sea Fishing

It’s great to go deep-sea fishing in the waters of Lanzarote, populated by schools of marlin, swordfish and tuna. You’ll get assistance from a professional fishing guide, and you can take along the rest of your family. Even if they don’t want to or don’t know how to fish, they can always enjoy the sunshine and smooth-sailing waters of Lanzarote. The presence of rare, large fish in the area is easily explicable through the presence of the volcanic sea beds.

  1. Spend an Evening at the Rancho Texas Theme Park

The cowboy-themed amusement park offers themed party nights, where you’ll be greeted by cowboys and natives. An evening’s performance includes horse shows, whip and lasso skill demonstrations, stand-up comedy and cowboy line dancing moments. You, too, can learn how to line dance, ride the bull or simply spend a fun night dancing to the live country & western band. Enjoy the barbecue dinner and don’t worry about bringing along the kids: the place is child-friendly, with plenty to keep the little ones entertained.

  1. Take a Catamaran Cruise

Board a luxurious ship manned by a crew of professionals and set sail toward the southern part of the island. Tan on the deck, then, as the ship lays down its anchor in one of the many bays off the coast, take a relaxing dip in the clear, cool waters. Lunch is also included in the price of the cruise, and you can enjoy yours right on the deck, in the company of your entire family.

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