Excellence El Carmen Reviews

Traveling to new places is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of life.

Yet, choosing a destination can be difficult given how many beautiful places there are in the world.

In this article, a comprehensive review is given of the resort Excellence El Carmen. First, an overview of the resort is given followed by a discussion of its benefits and drawbacks. Then, the resort is compared to several other popular resorts in the area. Lastly, some final thoughts are given about Excellence El Carmen.

An Overview of Excellence El Carmen

palm trees and pools

Excellence El Carmen is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the Punta Cana region. This region is lauded for its abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches. The resort is about 25 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport.

Excellence El Carmen is an all-adult, all-inclusive resort that is secluded but not totally isolated. It’s situated on a gorgeous, golden-sand beach that is surrounded by coconut palms, giving it a very tropical atmosphere.

There are 23 pools, 9 hot-water jacuzzies, 12 international restaurants, and 16 bars that guests can indulge in during their stay. One of these restaurants is buffet-style, one is more of a snack grill, and another is a food truck. The remaining nine are classier, sit-down-style restaurants which offer a diverse range of international foods.

There is a 4000-square foot exercise facility on site that also hosts daily aerobic and yoga classes. Additionally, there is a spa facility on site that offers massages, hydrotherapy, saunas, a steam bath, an ice-treatment room, pedicure and manicure stations, and haircut stations.

The nature of each suite varies, though all of them come with 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi, a large flat-screen television, full bathrooms, and an espresso coffee machine. Some of the more premiere rooms offer private balconies, rooftop terraces, and/or private pools and gardens. Suffice it to say that these suites are quite luxurious and are designed to reflect the colors and forms of this tropical, Caribbean location.

If you want to enhance your stay even more, then you can join the Excellence Club, which offers you access to many premiere amenities. For example, as part of this club, you get a suite with ocean views, private check-in and check-out, an upgraded room service menu, daily delivery of fresh fruit, a complimentary beach bag, a private lounge, and Aqua Wellness Spa treatment among many other amenities.

The Benefits of Excellence El Carmen

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There are many benefits of staying at this resort that will be highlighted in this section.

First, if you are a couple and are looking for a romantic getaway, then this resort would be ideal. Since it’s an adults-only resort, you don’t have to worry about crying babies, wild kids, and the general chaos that can sometimes come with having kids around. This makes for a very peaceful, relaxing experience that will allow you to truly concentrate on your significant other.

Given all the fine dining options, you and your significant other will never run out of unique things to eat. Furthermore, because there are so many restaurants available, each meal is highly customizable, preventing you from having to diverge from your diet. In this sense, if you follow a plant-based diet, it should be fairly easy to accommodate these preferences, as everything at Excellence El Carmen is catered to your desires.

This resort is also described as not too isolated. This is important, as some resorts are so isolated that guests don’t get to experience the local culture. Instead, guests at these isolated places live in a bubble for a period of time, which is unfortunate given how stimulating and unique the surrounding area can be.

At this resort, guests are not far away from the action. There are various national parks on the island of Dominican Republic that guests can access. For example, East National Park is about 60 miles south of the resort. Transportation can be easily arranged by talking with the staff at this resort, making trips around the island very easy.

Even though you can travel around the island, there is enough happening on site to keep you occupied. Many guests never even leave the resort given all the things to do. Guests can go snorkeling, scuba-diving, take dance and cooking lessons, play beach volleyball, and ride bicycles among many other activities.

If you are interested in hosting a special gathering, then this resort would be ideal. There is 4800 square feet of indoor meeting and event space, including a 2700-square-foot grand ballroom. There is also 10,000 square feet of outdoor space.

Furthermore, there are also many planning professionals on site that will help you plan and execute your special event. This will help minimize your stress and ensure that your experience is unforgettable.

The Healing Benefits of Staying at Excellence El Carmen

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One of the biggest benefits of staying at this resort is how healing the experience can be. Many guests have noted arriving stressed out and unhealthy and leaving refreshed, vibrant, and full of health.

The spa facilities on site are magical in this regard, as they offer many therapeutic experiences that will rejuvenate you.

Simply sitting on the beach during the day can be a great change of pace from many guests’ 9-5 jobs. The sounds of the waves are restorative and will remind you to go with the flow instead of constantly worrying about the past or future.

Since this an all-inclusive resort, you won’t have to worry about money during your stay. Many people stress out about money daily, so this can be a totally novel way to live. Lots of healing can take place when our minds are not occupied with finances.

This healing can take place both on a personal level and an interpersonal level. Many couples have noted leaving this resort with a renewed sense of commitment to each other.

Many artists use this resort as a way to unwind from their recent project. The inspiring landscape can be very healing, allowing the artist to prepare for their next phase of development and creativity. Without this period of regeneration, many artists would burn out, which could compromise their future work.

The Drawbacks of Excellence El Carmen

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Despite these many benefits, this resort has some drawbacks that are worth noting.

First, staying at this resort is quite costly. If you are on a strict budget, this place is not ideal for you. The suites available to rent range in price from several hundred dollars per night to thousands of dollars per night.

When you consider the airfare costs, this means that your experience will likely cost at least $2000-$3000 for a week-long stay. If you want to explore other parts of the Dominican Republic or upgrade your room to include more amenities, your stay will cost even more.

This high cost is unfortunate because it means that many guests will be unable to afford a stay at this resort. This impacts the diversity of the other guests at this resort, as wealthier people are likely to stay here.

Yet, socializing at these resorts can be a huge part of your experience, as many travelers love making new friends that they keep in touch with for the rest of their life. This is harder when the demographic of guests is so influenced by the costs of the resort.

Furthermore, this resort is not ideal for families given its adults-only policy. While this might make the resort more peaceful, it also alienates some guests from being able to stay.

Lastly, if you are looking for the most authentic experience possible of Dominican Republic, then staying at this resort might not be your best bet. Even though it’s not totally remote, most guests choose to stay on property for the majority of their stay because everything is provided for them.

This inclusive nature can actually prevent guests from experiencing other parts of the island. This is unfortunate, as each part of the island is unique and worthy of exploration.

Additionally, one of the best ways to experience a new place is to purchase local cuisine from farmers’ markets and to make your own food. Given the many restaurants on site, most guests will likely just select whatever looks good on the menu or whatever the chef recommends. This prevents guests from connecting with local produce on a deep level, which is important for truly experiencing a particular place.

Comparing Excellence El Carmen to Nearby Resorts

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Excellence El Carmen is right on par with many other resorts in the Punta Cana area when it comes to price and amenities.

For example, Sanctuary Cap Cana is another popular resort in Punta Cana that is adults-only and all-inclusive. This resort has five restaurants, six bars, five pools, a private beach, and very luxurious suites.

Excellence El Carmen offers more dining options and pools than Sanctuary Cap Cana offers, which amounts to more space for visitors to relax, play, and soak in the abundant sunshine.

Most of the resorts in the Punta Cana area are very high-quality. In this sense, you typically get what you pay for. Most of these resorts offer occasional promotions that allow you to book your stay at a discounted rate.

The same company that offers Excellence El Carmen also offers Excellence Punta Cana. This resort offers nine restaurants, one buffet restaurant, and one beach snack grill. This would be another great location for someone interested in maximizing their food options.

This same company also offers many other similar resorts on nearby Caribbean islands. For example, they operate a resort in Jamaica called Excellence Oyster Bay as well as two resorts in Mexico. One of the resorts in Mexico is located near a golf course, which would definitely appeal to golf aficionados.

If you are looking for a more family-oriented resort in the Dominican Republic, then Barcelo Bavaro Palace is a popular option. This all-inclusive resort is located near one of the most stunning beaches in the world, making it quite ideal for both families and couples. What’s also great about this resort is that there is an adults-only beach, which means you can still seek a certain kind of privacy if you wish.

Final Thoughts on Excellence El Carmen

Excellence El Carmen is certainly one of the most luxurious, magical places in the Dominican Republic.

There is so much to do on site that you will never get bored. Yet, if you are feeling adventurous, this resort is not too far from many other breathtaking locations in the Dominican Republic. You can always rent a car for several days or hire a driver if you want to explore other parts of the island.

Since this resort is all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about being nickel-and-dimed when on site. Instead, you can just sit back and enjoy the service, which is considered some of the best in the industry.

If you are looking for a break from your day-to-day routine, then visiting this resort in the Dominican Republic would be ideal. Many visitors have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while staying here, which means it’s certainly worth the cost of entry. 

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