Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Lausanne, Switzerland

Luasanne CathedralIf you are looking to spend your vacation in a small yet quiet city, Lausanne can be a great option for your first getaway in Europe. Maybe not as impressive and large as two other major cities in Switzerland: Geneva and Zurich, but there’s something about Lausanne that waits to be discovered.

It is the capital of the canton of Vaud and is only 20 minutes to Geneva, so you can take a tour and visit the surroundings too. With a population of 125.000 inhabitants, Lausanne is a very prosperous city like the major cities in Switzerland with a high quality of life and unique experiences for its visitors. Divided practically in two parts, the downtown and the beach, it is a great spot as well as a romantic travel destination for lovers.

The city is absolutely amazing with lots of important points of interest to share plus excellent restaurants and cafes, parks and great nightlife, quite as many things as all advantages offered by big cities. Needless to say that, like most of all Switzerland’s cities, there is less violence or insecurity, reasons to be safe about your trip here. It is also home of the International Olympic Committe.

Similar to Geneva, Lausanne is a French speaking town and only several local are actually speaking English at an understandable level, so you may have problem with the communication. But the employees from service sector do know a little English, so you should cope  in a way.

There are many things to do and visit in this small and beautiful city with a modern side, as well as the old town of it which is quite large, but it’s totally worth a visit. If you are interested about art and museums, you may want to go and take a tour at the Museum of  art Brut which is an eccentric place where tourists can admire extraordinary pieces from different artists with details about their lives and works.

If you are curious about architecture, the Cathedral of Lausanne is another must seen place in the city, due to its grandeur and beautiful building. Moreover, the inside is lovely with an impressive Gothic style, but the view of the top with the city is what really counts. It’s a good place to meditate, pray or listen to various concerts organized during the Lausanne festivals. Sauvabelin Tower is also an interesting spot that offers a wonderful panoramic view over the city, as well as the lake. It is a tower built in 2003 and is a massive wood tower that can be reached driving by car or take a special bus.

Lausanne is worth a visit if we think that is one of the greenest European cities that has been involved in lots of projects related to the environment and it has been called <the European City of Sustainable Development>.

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