Why You Should Book a Stay at the El Dorado Royale

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You’ve booked your flights.

In a few months, you’ll be headed to Cancun, Mexico for a relaxing and well-deserved vacation from your hectic life (thank goodness).

Now, all that remains is finding a place to stay.

You very well could find a cute, but low-key AirBnB, or maybe just a standard hotel. You’ll probably enjoy your week no matter what, so it doesn’t really matter where you stay right?


Or, you could just go all out and book a stay at the El Dorado Royale.

After all, you deserve more than just your run-of-the-mill hotel room!

What you deserve is a few days of all-inclusive, luxury relaxation, whether you are heading there alone or with your loved one.

What Is the El Dorado Royale?

The El Dorado Royale is a Five Star gourmet, all-inclusive resort and spa in the heart of Riviera Maya.

It’s one of Condé Nast Reader’s Top 100 Hotels in the World and one of AAA’s Four Diamond Resorts. Plus, it’s adults-only to ensure you get maximum peace and relaxation in along one of the most gorgeous beachfronts in the world.

The resort is nestled in 450 acres of tropical jungle, with lush fauna and palm trees that you can see all around you. The El Dorado Royle also has exclusive beachfront for an entire mile along Punta Brava Beach.

The resort is located about 25 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport and about 15 minutes north of Playa del Carmen. And within about 30 minutes from the hotel, you can find yourself at some world-class golf courses, gorgeous natural cenotes, and downtown Cancun.

It’s at a perfect location if you want to be able to relax at the beach, trek through the jungle, or bar hop to find the best margarita in all of Cancun.

What Makes This Resort so Special?

Admittedly, there are a ton of beautiful resorts located in this area of Mexico.

So why should you stay at the El Dorado Royale instead of another resort in Riviera Maya?

Well, this resort and spa has endless amenities, but, more importantly, it has some of the best guest reviews and has been acknowledged by a handful of publications as being one of the best hotels in Mexico, if not in the world.

The Suites

El Dorado Royale Casita Suite

The El Dorado Royale states that their rooms aren’t just suites, but “havens of luxury.”

The resort has over six different types of suites to accommodate both your taste and your budget, including suites with Jacuzzis, swim-up suites, beachfront suites, and honeymoon suites.

Most of these rooms have (at the very least), cushy king size beds, Jacuzzi tubs, glass-enclosed showers, and a private terrace or balcony.

The swim-up suites are particularly incredible because you can step right into the main pool from the patio of your room.

The higher-level suites have amenities like aromatherapy menus, pillow menus, food and champagne upon arrival (for you honeymooners), a liquor cabinet, and house wine.

The specifics will all depend on which suite option you choose, but the point is that you have tons of options. And the “lower-level” suites are hardly low-level. All of these rooms are completely luxurious and indulgent.

The Spa

swimming pool

The El Dorado Royale is also home to the Náay Spa.

The spa offers a variety of detoxifying treatments, deep relaxation options and beautifying services.

Located in the center of the resort, the spa boasts elegant and soothing architecture to help you leave behind all of your worries and allow yourself an afternoon or an entire day of tranquility.

It also has four different signature treatments: the Water Journey Ritual, the Ancient Náay Ritual, the Beachfront Sky Massage, and Wedding Rituals – all of which offer different methods of helping you achieve maximum stress-relief and healing.

But, you can more or less customize your entire spa experience thanks to its extensive service menu.

Seriously – we didn’t even know there were so many ways to relax.

The Food & Drinks

el dorado royale food

Ok, the number of restaurants at this place is insane.

You certainly won’t starve when you stay at the El Dorado Royale.

Maybe we miscounted, but we’re pretty sure that there are 20 different, bars, restaurants and cafés at the resort, with everything from Italian food to a health bar, traditional Mexican cuisine to sushi.

It’s on the verge of being overwhelming, but we’d file that under the “good problems” category.

No matter what you like to eat or drink, there is something at the El Dorado that you will love. It’s perfect for solo dinners, cocktail hours, romantic dinner dates, and relaxing poolside lunches.

It also is home to the Fuentes-Culinary Theatre, where you get to experience a full-blown cooking show under a beautiful palapa. The head chef and sommelier at the resort work on the spot to give you a five-course meal paired with a selection of premium wines, using ingredients from the resort’s hydroponic greenhouse.

Plus, the resort has four different swim-up bars in the pools so you don’t even have to leave the water to get a cocktail. And speaking of pools…


The Pools

el dorado royale pool

The El Dorado Royale has not one, not two, but 12 swimming pools.

Yes, 12 different pools in which you can swim and sit in a lounge chair to work on your summer glow. One of these pools is also a natural saltwater pool.

And, as we said, four of these pools have swim-up bars where you can enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Activities

Activities in el dorado royale

In addition to swimming in one of the 12 pools, the resort has a wide range of other activities that are included in your stay – for both the active guest and the guest that really wants to indulge their chill side.

If you are looking to get in some exercise and physical activity as part of your vacation rejuvenation, you can visit the resort’s fitness center, tennis courts (rackets and balls are free of charge), or ride one of the bicycles provided by the resort around the premises.

For an additional cost, you can also embark on scuba diving adventures, parasail, or do some deep-sea fishing. Or maybe you want to take some private or group lessons of some sort.

But if you don’t want to spend a minute of your stay working out and riding a bicycle, don’t fret. You can opt to sit in the fitness center’s sauna or steam room before you head to the nightly live music and show later that evening.

The Other Amenities

El Dorado Royale Casita Suite

That’s all of the fun stuff. But the El Dorado Royale also has some for practical amenities that will make your stay in Mexico go very smoothly.

You can reap the benefits of the free international calls and complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as some other amenities that do incur an additional cost, but the convenience makes it so worth it.

The resort has a car rental service, a money exchange, laundry service, and a U.S. Dollar ATM. There is also a business center and fax services available for use.

Finally, the resort provides 24-hour medical services for all guests (which hopefully you won’t have to use, but it’s there if you need it!).

True, these aren’t the most exciting amenities that the resort has to offer. But they are still important! These little things make your vacation a lot less worry-free. All the logistics are provided for you, so you can sit back and take a breather.

The Reviews & Awards

All of these amenities, activities and meal options are absolutely wonderful. But none of it would feel all that great if the service at the hotel wasn’t up to par.

But, the El Dorado Royale is known for its excellent service, which is backed up by excellent guest reviews and kudos from a number of reputable publications and expert travel companies.

A quick glance at TripAdvisor shows that the hotel has tons of amazing guest reviews. So many, in fact, it was awarded the 2017 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award and Certificate of Excellence.

Sustainability Efforts

What makes the resort truly admirable is its commitment to sustainability.

The El Dorado Royale (and all El Dorado spa resorts) has created a number of green initiatives to ensure that their expansive resorts leave behind a minimal carbon footprint and promotes ecotourism.

The properties have surpassed the criteria for the Green Globe Certification program. The resorts use energy-saving air conditioners and solar-powered water heating systems. They also have water and heat recycling systems.

Finally, El Dorado Resorts have created the world’s largest artificial reef to protect the coast from erosion and provide a habitat for thousands of species. And, the resort has implemented a sea turtle conservation program to combat the sharp decrease in sea turtle populations.

There are “Turtle Conservation Camps” and a sea turtle adoption program in place to help save the species from overfishing, human development, and the deterioration of coastal ecosystems.

And That’s Why You Should Book at the El Dorado Royale

We do admit that you will probably enjoy your trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico no matter what. How could you not with the gorgeous tropical landscape, enthralling nightlife, and adventurous activities?

But if you book at the El Dorado Royale resort and spa, your vacation will be completely unforgettable.

With all of the incredible amenities, experiences, and sustainability efforts, you can have a relaxing and adventurous stay while feeling good about protecting our planet in small ways that make a big difference.

The only risk is that if you stay at the El Dorado Royale once, then you are almost guaranteed to have to go back.


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