Eco Living in Nicaragua


Eco Living in NicaraguaHave you ever thought about how it would be to live green? To live in a self-sustainable society and to be carefree and happy? Well, if you have then we thought you would enjoy taking a look at an eco-village in Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua, called InanItah. It is an ecological community in the heart of Nicaragua whose purpose is to raise spiritual and also environmental consciousness and create a safe haven for anyone who would want to take part in it.  This lifestyle appeals to people because it is very close to nature and it emphasizes healthy living, spirituality and a closer bond with our fellow humans.

If you’ve ever found yourself annoyed in the middle of traffic, being stressed at work, or tired of the TV, you have had a though cross your mind of how it would be to be as far away as possible from all those things; to grow your own vegetables, to practice meditation and live calmly while helping others. While it may sound a little hippy (not that it’s a bad thing), we assure you that it will improve the quality of life and lift your spirit to another level.

The InanItah community is looking for volunteers, so if you feel like turning a new page in your life, look them up and maybe join them. In order to be a member of the community, you must first complete one year of volunteering, of living in the community, helping them and bringing your own valuable contribution. After one year, the members will invite you to join them full time or part time.

Imagine how much your life would change if you were to choose to live here. You’ll be free, living off the land, learning about the wonders of earth, alternative medicine, Yoga and Tantra. We’re not saying that this living is for everybody, but many people could learn a lot just by spending a few weeks there, or in any eco-village for that matter. People have become jaded, stressed and have lost touch with nature and their own bodies – a few sessions with the trained individuals there will awaken your spirit and body and will open your eyes to something bigger.

As you read this from in front of the computer, take a break, get up, go to the window and study your surroundings: are you happy with what you see? Do you like yourself there? Is your heart happy? If the answer is no, then do yourself a favor and learn more about eco-villages and how they can help you become a better and healthier person.

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