Discovering the Romantic Venice

VeniceWhether you choose Venice as your honeymoon destination or just the next European city to visit with your partner, a romantic tour to Venice, discovering its beautiful canals, squares, bridges or small and traffic- free streets will be a great thing to do. Prepare to be charmed and fascinated by Italy’s beautiful Venice which is one of the most visited cities by tourists.

This city offers many interesting and beautiful places with churches and palaces, a walk to remember with gondolas, lots of cafes and magazines for shopping. Not to mention about its geographical position and the fact that it is situated near the sea and has a moderate climate during the year.

Venice is located in the northeast coast of Italy, in the Venetian Lagoon an enclosed bay of the Adriatic sea and is listed as a World Heritage Site, along with the lagoon. Famous for the beauty of its setting, architecture or artworks, Venice attracts thousands of tourists every year, interested to have a gondola ride or be part of one of the most important, colorful and lively carnival festivals in Italy.

Maybe you want to experience food specialties of Venice, admire its must-see and fine attractions and museums or go to the famous Piazza San Marco, the city’s main meeting place with lots of cafes and a number of museums. There’s so many things to do and discover in this amazing Italian place called Venice.

Undoubtedly, the most important highlight of your trip will be a half an hour or even more time gondola ride along the city’s Grand Canal which is the perfect way to know and introduce it to new tourists, as well as everyone interested to see and discover the city’s history. Venice is equally beautiful by night and day, as you have the chance to explore its buildings and enjoy a relaxing guiding tour.

The Carnival of Venice is probably the top attraction for everyone, the traditional annual festival that usually takes place in February and is always packed with joy, entertainment, food and its famous and distinctive masks. It is common for lots of people to attend the carnival and wear sophisticated costumes with original masks. The show is absolutely impressive and it’s a frequent fuss that time of the year.

Among the most important attractions in Venice, a relevant number of bridges are part of its beauty and history, as an icon of the city. Everyone knows Venice as the “city of canals”, but it is also “the city of bridges”, as long as more than 400 bridges can be admired here. Take a tour and discover its beauties, because it offers many top attractions and great memories to all tourists.

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