Discovering Havana

Che Guevara and Havana

A major touristic location, the Cuban capital has seen an increase in the number of visitors choosing to have their vacations away from home. Havana offers a wide range of opportunities to those interested; it shifts from being a vibrant cultural city that cherishes its historical past to a cosmopolitan one that ha an amazingly diverse nightlife. It will prove difficult getting bored while you’re there.

Once you’ve got there and you’ve checked in at a casa particulare or a hotel, for those of you who would fancy a more luxurious holiday, you’re set to go. Start by exploring!

Visit La Plaza de la Revolucion for a taste of a historical past combined with architectural developments. There you can see the 138 feet tall Jose Marti memorial tower that dominates the whole square. For a small fee you can witness a spectacular view by climbing up the tower. Behind it there are the political offices where Fidel Castro spent most of his time and opposite you can admire the Minister of Interior, with its famous mural of beloved guerrilla fighter, Che Guevara.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, you should also think about maybe checking out the Museo del Chocolate. If you’ve always wanted to see the process of making chocolate up close and maybe leaving with some treats of your own, then this mustn’t go unnoticed.

You can also take a tour and check out Hemingway’s former residence now made into a museum. But if you happen to be a fan consider exploring the American writer’s other side: it doesn’t matter if you’re sipping daiquiris at El Floridita or ordering another Mojito at La Bodeguita del Medio, the point is to do what the great master himself would have done, enjoy yourself.

If after a quick tour of the bars you feel like having a puff, go visit Partagas Factory and roll your very own Cuban cigar. And what best to accompany a smoke than listening to some good music? Salón ‘Compay Segundo’ may be a good starting point.

The best way to get to see Havana’s beauties is, no doubt, by foot. And while you’re doing that, make sure you stroll down the colourful, narrow streets of Habana Vieja (Old Havana) neighbourhood.

Whether it’s a peaceful holiday you’re after or a mind-blowing cultural experience, then start planning next year’s summer vacation! We know just the spot: Havana, Cuba.

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