Discover Krakow, a Medieval Jewel of Europe

Krakow holidayAre you ready for a new adventure? Would you like to experience a beautiful medieval European city from Poland? If you are planning for a next travel destination in Europe, Krakow is a magic and beautiful place in Poland, a truly medieval jewel with an impressive architecture you’re going to love.

Krakow is all about art, love, history, great old masterpieces and amazing sights to discover in your journey. Here you can see the medieval cathedral, Baroque churches, as well as the 13-th century Gothic Town Hall, plus various appealing museums and monuments which are contrasted by the modern side of the town.

The city is always crowded with curious tourists interested to find out more about Krakow, especially to visit the famous Auschwitz concentration camp,  which is located an hour out of Krakow and offer proofs, such as documents, photographs, historical exhibits from that awful period when millions of Jews.

Since Poland has accessed in European Union back in 2004, the country has been invaded by lots of foreigners and tourists eager to discover this ancient European town. If you wonder what you can visit in Krakow, here are a few must-see attractions:

1. Old Town walk is a necessary troll for each person who arrives here. It’s the perfect location to admire all important historical monuments, including the Main Market Square and its surrounding such as: St.Mary’s Church, Clock Hall or Town Hall Tower with an impressive architecture from various times. It is considered to be one of the most popular old districts in Poland and this old side of the town is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

2. Auschwitz tour is another itinerary you should visit during your stay in Krakow. The largest German concentration camp transformed in a museum is located nearby the city and represents a top attraction for lots of tourists curious to see the special yet famous place. There are two camps that can be seen by tourists and the second one, Auschwitz II Birkenau is known from Schindler’s List movie by Spielberg.

3. Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter is one of the best preserved districts located in Europe. The first time you arrived here, you’ll be fascinated by the atmosphere in the streets or by the buildings. It is actually an important corner of the city of Krakow that is worth a visit; especially the Old Synagogue. Remember that, before World War II, Poland was one of the European cities with a large Jews population, so this is the place to be and discover their history. Next to the Synagogue is the Jewish Cemetery, an interesting building to visit, as well as the entire area.

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