Restaurant Review: The Exotic Black Ginger Phuket

If you’re a true foodie, then you probably already know that dining around the world is just as much about the experience as it is about the taste of the food. A restaurant can serve delicious food, but if it doesn’t offer a good experience, the chances are you won’t look back at your time there fondly.

Black Ginger offers a truly unique dining experience. Black Ginger Phuket is a Thai cuisine restaurant located in The Slate resort in Sakhu, Thailand. Your experience starts before you even enter the restaurant since you have to take a raft through flame-lit waters to reach the island on which the Black Ginger is built.

If you are visiting Sakhu, Thailand and staying at The Slate, you may want to add the Black Ginger to your itinerary. Even if you’re staying somewhere else in the area, it’s worth making the trip over to the resort so that you can experience what Black Ginger Phuket has to offer. If you want to find out if the Black Ginger Phuket restaurant is worth going to, this review will tell you all that you need to know.

What Is The Slate?

The Slate is a Phuket Pearl Resort located off of Nai Yang Beach in Sakhu, Thailand. The entire resort has the appearance of a giant piece of art, as every room has an elaborate design and decor. Guests of The Slate resort will feel like they are living in a dream as they experience all that the resort has to offer. You can choose to rejuvenate yourself in the Coqoon Spa, nestled in what looks like a magical garden. Or, explore the wonders of the ocean while snorkeling, take a dip in a pool that looks like it’s tucked away in the wilderness, or feast at any of the resort’s many exquisite restaurants. No matter what you choose, The Slate will offer you a visually striking, immersive experience in beautiful Thailand.

Everything You Need to Know About Black Ginger Phuket

Black Ginger Phuket is one of many restaurants located at The Slate. Whether you are a guest there or staying somewhere nearby, you are welcome to enjoy dining at the Black Ginger Phuket.

The Atmosphere

The most appealing aspect of the Black Ginger Phuket is the experience that The Slate resort goes out of its way to provide. You start what feels like a journey to the restaurant by walking down an outdoor alley lit up with decorative blue lights coming out of the brick walls that surround you.

Once you reach the end of the path, you will arrive at a lit gazebo that shelters a porch surrounded by beautiful palm trees. You will wait on the deck until you are seated on a platform with comfortable seating and torches for light. The platform floats you across a large lagoon with lily pads lying on the surface of the water and vegetation surrounding you on all sides. Staff members pull the platform until you arrive at the restaurant, which is on its own little island in the middle of the lagoon.

The outside of the lagoon is designed to look like a traditional mansion that sits on a large deck. There is seating both inside and outside the restaurant so you can continue your dining experience looking out onto the water and surrounding vegetation if you wish. There is a section with an open air bar that is secluded from the main part of the restaurant.

The main restaurant lies in a wooden building that has the appearance of an antiquated, traditional Thai building that is both beautiful and mysterious. However, beautiful lighting and contemporary glass decorations give the restaurant a nice modern touch.

The blue glass art that covers the ceiling is reminiscent of the blue lights that first lead you to the restaurant. Everything from the table decorations to the glassware and dishware used to serve your food adds to the alluring atmosphere of this ornate restaurant.

The Food

The Black Ginger Phuket doesn’t just look gorgeous; it is also extraordinarily delicious. If you are looking for the ultimate location to enjoy the traditional flavors of Thailand, the Black Ginger is exactly what you’re looking for.

The sous chef at the Black Ginger is a talented woman who goes by Chef Piak and has over 20 years of experience cooking Thai food. On the restaurant’s main page, Chef Piak recommends her signature som tam, tom yum and phanaeng curry. She says that the specially prepared crispy prawns are the best “rare southern delicacy” she has to offer. She also recommends spring rolls that you roll yourself, crab meat, succulent pork, chili puree and honeyed tamarind.

The Black Ginger’s menu is pretty extensive and includes a wide variety of appetizers, traditional Thai salads, several different stir-fried vegetable and meat dishes, seven different types of curry, flavorful soups, filling rice and noodle dishes, and decadent Thai desserts.

Before you even dig into your dish, you are sure to be impressed with the appearance of whatever you decide to order. Every meal is designed to look like a piece of art and looks as beautiful as it is delicious. Many of the dishes at Black Ginger Phuket incorporate vegetables from the restaurant’s own organic garden. The vegetables taste as fresh as they look and contribute to a wholesome dining experience.

If you weren’t impressed enough by how the food looks, wait until you taste it. The food at this restaurant receives high reviews from diners all over the world who were lucky enough to make their way into Black Ginger. While a few people claim that the food in this restaurant is all hype, a majority of food critics and everyday diners claim that the Black Ginger is as good as Thai food gets. This restaurant even won an award from the World Luxury Restaurant Awards in 2016.


As you would expect, a restaurant like the Black Ginger Phuket is expensive and very busy. The most expensive dish is a lobster dish for 1,200 baht, which converts to about 37 U.S. dollars, but most of the dishes cost around half this amount. Although this is not extremely expensive for good dining, the Black Ginger restaurant is much more expensive than other restaurants at the resort. Also, you will need to make a reservation several days in advance and even give your credit card information and a deposit to ensure you will make your reservation.

How Does the Black Ginger Phuket Restaurant Compare to Other Thai Restaurants in Sakhu, Thailand?

 Black Ginger Phuket Restaurant

Now we’ll see how Black Ginger Phuket compares with other restaurants in the surrounding area.
Dee Plee



Dee Plee is a Thai restaurant located at the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort. Although this restaurant doesn’t include a fancy raft across a lagoon, Dee Plee has a nice, natural looking environment with outdoor seating with an absolutely gorgeous view of the Andaman Sea. If you choose to sit inside, you will be in elaborately designed booths that have a semi-private feel.


The food at Dee Plee is even more decorative than the appetizing plating at Black Ginger. Salads served in carved fruit bowls, plates full of different colors and designs, and elegant serving platters will make you hesitant to dig into the piece of art on your plate. You’ll definitely want to dig in, though, because customers rave about how great the Thai food tastes here.

Ma Ma Nang Restaurant

iced tea by the beach


Compared to Black Ginger and Dee Plee, this restaurant is not anywhere near as elaborate. Being outdoors by the beach surrounded by vegetation is a nice touch, but white plastic seats and tables don’t give this restaurant any points for style. However, if you are looking for a more low-key, traditional atmosphere, Ma Ma Nang has a certain charm to it.


Most people who come to Ma Ma Nang looking for a more casual place to dine on traditional Thai cuisine and seafood leave this restaurant more than satisfied. Reviews report that the restaurant has very friendly service, but it can get pretty hectic. Plus, a language barrier between guests and servers can sometimes cause some issues with the food.

Takieng Thai Restaurant

Takieng Thai Restaurant
Moderately expensive


Takieng Thai Restaurant has a decent indoor seating area with a location in the Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa. The outdoor seating is definitely the place to be with dim, romantic lighting and views of the sunset and beach. The cushioned booths look extremely comfortable to lounge on.


Although there are some bad reviews mixed in, mostly commenting on the price, a majority of people who go to Takieng Thai Restaurant love it. The plating of the food is not nearly as exquisite as Black Ginger’s or Dee Plee’s, but the food definitely appears to be very appetizing. There is a wide variety of Thai cuisine, including favorites like Pad Thai. Everyone in the family is sure to find something he or she enjoys at Takieng.

Black Ginger Phuket Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve gone over how Black Ginger Phuket compares to restaurants located nearby, it’s time to consider the pros and cons.


  • The exterior and interior of Black Ginger has a good mix of traditional and modern elements
  • There are multiple options for seating, including outdoor seating and bar seating
  • The plating of the food is aesthetically pleasing
  • All the food is freshly grown and organic
  • There is a wide variety of food options
  • There are vegan and vegetarian options
  • Diners think the food is delicious


  • Black Ginger is one of the most expensive dining options in the area
  • The atmosphere may feel overdone and gimmicky to some people
  • You have to reserve a spot ahead of time
  • Many people don’t want to leave their credit card information
  • There is a dress code for entering which gives the restaurant a pretentious air
  • Black Ginger is located on a resort and hard for some people to find

Our Final Thoughts: Black Ginger Phuket Is a Unique Dining Experience

Whether you are staying at The Slate resort or staying in the nearby area, you should set aside one of your nights for visiting Black Ginger Phuket. This restaurant is especially fit for a romantic night out. The atmosphere and fancy entrance might seem a bit much to some people, but it offers a magical experience for those who appreciate the exquisite atmosphere. Even without the grand entrance, the restaurant itself has a beautiful design and is stunning to look at.

If you can get past the reservation process, you’ll be glad you went to Black Ginger Phuket. The food is considered some of the best in the area, and cooked with fresh, organic vegetables, which is a great touch. Although the food is pricey here, if you designate one night for fancy eating, this is a great place to go.

If you prefer a more natural environment, the Dee Plee is another excellent alternative with its view of the Andaman Sea and the surrounding vegetation. Plus, the plating is better than anywhere else.
If you’d rather avoid fancy resort restaurants and spend your time dining at a local gem, the Ma Ma Nang Restaurant seems to offer some of the best local, affordable dining. With dining right on the beach, you won’t need to worry about a dress code and diners will love sitting right on the beach. Your wallet will thank you for saving your money.

Wherever you decide to go, Sakhu in Phuket, Thailand offers some delicious food choices and amazing experiences to go with them. You’re sure to enjoy your time eating some traditional Thai cuisine.

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