10 Big Sur Luxury Hotels

Big Sur is the gem of California, straddling the mainland and the Pacific Ocean, and its wild beauty is only eclipsed by the abundance of Big Sur luxury hotels and resorts. We recommend the ten best 5 and 4-star accommodations, where you can enjoy opulent rooms, sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled spa treatments all while taking in the unspoiled natural splendor, first-rate wineries and superb hiking of Big Sur that have inspired visitors for the better part of a century.

10. Lucia Lodge

Lucia Lodge is synonymous with Big Sur luxury hotels and has been a staple of the region for over 100 years. Situated right on the gorgeous Pacific coast, guests of Lucia Lodge can get their dose of tranquillity and peace while relaxing in state-of-the-art guest rooms, or dining on homemade regional cuisine.

  • Accommodation type: 4-star hotel
  • Pricing: $275 to $350
  • Booking: Reserve a room online
  • Ideal for: Romantics, Nature Lovers, Foodies
  • Address: 62400 Highway 1, Big Sur

9. Post Ranch Inn

A staple of Big Sur luxury hotels is the Post Ranch Inn. It is globally recognized as the place to stay in Big Sur and has deep roots in the community. The Post family was one of the first to explore the region and has since transformed a humble farmhouse into a phenomenal resort where guest rooms are constructed directly into rock formations and cliffs, marrying nature and contemporary travel in an unforgettable way. Guests would be advised to book well in advance, especially for premium services.

  • Accommodation type: 4.5-star resort
  • Pricing: $1,425 to $2,375
  • Booking: Through their website
  • Ideal for: Honeymooners, Nature Lovers
  • Address: 47900 Highway 1, Big Sur

8. Glen Oaks Big Sur

Founded in 1957, Glen Oaks Big Sur combines lush living with eco-friendly awareness. Their décor is full of sustainable items, like fairly sourced cotton and all-natural bath products. Built for the responsible tourist, who likes a dash of extravagance after a 10-mile hike, Glen Oaks Big Sur has a unique appeal and a distinct atmosphere that visitors will come back for time and again.

  • Accommodation type: 4.5-star hotel
  • Pricing: $365 to $475
  • Booking: Reserve a room online
  • Ideal for: Environmentally Conscious Travellers, Nature Lovers
  • Address: 47080 Highway 1 Big Sur

7. TreeBones Resort

TreeBones Resort is the result of a 1983 honeymoon vacation that ended with the two lovebirds finding a mutual adoration for Big Sur. They offer family friendly “glamping” that takes all of the greatest parts of camping and refines them for a rare comfortable experience in the heart of nature. TreeBones’ yurts are really luxury tents that keep the unfortunate elements of the great outdoors at bay, while still allowing you a close and personal encounter with the untamed Big Sur landscape.

  • Accommodation type: 4.5-star resort
  • Pricing: $330 to $575
  • Booking: Book your room in advance
  • Ideal for: Families, Nature Lover, Glampers
  • Address: 71895 Highway 1, South Big Sur

6. Bernardus Lodge and Spa

The Big Sur luxury hotel that’s right for you might just be down the road, nestled in Carmel Valley. Bernardus Lodge and Spa is the perfect place to retire after a long day on the wine trail. Its 73 rooms, suites, and villas have a delightful fusion of old and new world elegance, with tubs built for two, featherbeds and crackling fireplaces. An on-site spa and dining room that serves an array of seasonal favorites lets you relax and refresh.

  • Accommodation type: 4.5-star resort
  • Pricing: $325 to $655
  • Booking: Reservations can be made online
  • Ideal for: Adults, Wine Lovers, Foodies
  • Address: 415 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley

5. Adobe Inn

Adobe Inn boasts beautifully appointed rooms with a splendid view of the Pacific and a convenient location near California’s extraordinary white sand beaches. Close to Big Sur, Adobe Inn is a tourist favorite on booking websites like Agoda, where it holds the highest rating available. Charming, delightful and centrally located, Adobe Inn is a great bet.

  • Accommodation type: 5-star hotel
  • Pricing: $294 to $454
  • Booking: Book your room online
  • Ideal for: Families
  • Address: Dolores Street & 8th Avenue, Southwest Carmel

4. Carmel Valley Ranch

Voted Conde Nast Traveler’s “Number 1 Resort in California”, Carmel Valley Ranch takes posh to an all new level. The 500-acre resort has nine tennis courts, two pools, and an on-site golf course as well as a high-end spa so guests can pamper themselves to their heart’s delight. Each suite features a fireplace and private deck for the ultimate in first-class relaxation. Carmel Valley Ranch caters to every taste and is just as appropriate for families as it is for honeymooners.

  • Accommodation type: 4-star resort
  • Pricing: $701.24 to $911.61
  • Booking: Reserve a room
  • Ideal for: Golf Enthusiasts, Honeymooners, Families
  • Address: One Old Ranch Road, Carmel

3. Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn

Some Big Sur luxury hotels have humble roots, like Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, which opened its doors in the 1930s to weary travelers and since has evolved into a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn holds the interesting distinction of being on the National Register of Historic Places. History buffs and luxury travelers alike will delight in the spacious, exquisite rooms that borrow their character from locally milled redwood and personal touches added on by the founders.

  • Accommodation type: 4-star hotel
  • Pricing: $175 to $250
  • Booking: By phone only – 831-667-2377
  • Ideal for: Nature Enthusiasts, History Lovers
  • Address: 48865 Highway One, Big Sur

2. La Playa Carmel

Do you know the Grande Dame of Carmel? Her vistas of immaculate gardens, romantic courtyards, and terraces, beautifully decorated rooms that echo the romance of the old world? La Playa Carmel was a labor of love, built for the heiress of the Ghiradelli family in 1905 and stands today as a stately testament to sophistication and elegance. Each of her 75 rooms was designed with comfort and style in mind, making this popular hotel a mainstay for California visitors and residents alike.

  • Accommodation type: 4-star hotel
  • Pricing: $600 to $700
  • Booking: Reserve a room online
  • Ideal for: Romantics, Wine Tour Enthusiasts
  • Address: Camino Real at Eighth Avenue, Southwest Carmel

1. Ventana Inn & Spa

The Ventana Inn & Spa aptly draw inspiration from Big Sur’s history of enlightening visitors to create a sumptuous space where guests can sate their spiritual and emotional well-being. The Ventana Inn is 243 acres of bliss and a trusted name in Big Sur luxury hotels. Their spa also features standard treatments as well as exotic draws like traditional Thai massage. Their food is locally sourced and expertly prepared. And their rooms echo natural elements but have all comforts of the modern world.

  • Accommodation type: 5-star resort
  • Pricing: $1,150 to $2,935
  • Booking: Book your room online
  • Ideal for: Adults
  • Address: 48123 Highway 1, Big Sur


Let the majesty of Big Sur inspire and invigorate you. Explore the bounty of nature, the wine trails, the serene coast and see why visitors have flocked to this astounding region for the better part of a century. Best of all, you can do it in style by choosing to stay at some Big Sur luxury hotels and resorts. If you’re planning a trip to Silicon Valley too, pick one of the top Silicon Valley luxury hotels.

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