Best Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Best Tourist Attractions in EgyptEgypt is a country in the Middle East, North Africa and is situated in the land of huge pyramids and temples. Because this country has a lot to show to those who spend their vacation here, holiday offers to Egypt are very different as well. If you decide to visit Egypt, you should take advantage and take your time to see how many beauties the country has to offer. Egypt is a magical place and one of those perfect destinations during winter, for tourists who are attracted by a hot climate. There are a lot of places to see and everyone should book at least one vacation to Egypt in a lifetime. There are so many things and interesting places to see, that you’ll want to come back here every year. The countless incredible sights are available in any part of the country and it is very hard to choose a place to visit. To facilitate this choice, here are the best tourist attractions in Egypt.

Sultan Hassan Mosque Religion

The mosque is in Cairo and is one of the most important sights of the city. From the point of view of the domain to which it belongs, the Sultan Hassan Mosque is an interesting place to visit for those who love religion, for those who want to explore this part of a culture. The mosque was completed in 1359 and was designed in a Mamluk style.

On the beach in Hurghada

For those who want an Egyptian summer vacation, Hurghada is the ideal location. With an opening towards the Red Sea, Hurghada is one of the largest cities and a major tourist center of the area. The beaches found here are those that attract tourists throughout the year and they are a good reason for choosing this location in order to relax.

A part of history in the Qaitbay fortress

Qaitbay fortress dating from the nineteenth century is one of the most impressive remains of medieval Egyptian history. The ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria represent the foundation for the construction of this fortress, which further preserved the fame of the area. In 1952, the building was transformed into the Maritime Museum, so you’ll find lots of interesting things to see here.

Best Tourist Attractions in Egypt

The bazaar in Khan el- Khalili

The Grand Bazaar is located in the Islamic district of Cairo and is one of the most important tourist attractions here, for both Egyptians and foreign tourists. The bazaar dates back from 1382, and since then it is one of the most powerful commercial centers in the area. Besides an impressive number of shops that have all kinds of items, the bazaar includes restaurants, cafes and mosques.

History and culture in the Egyptian Museum

The most important museum depicting the past of Egypt is located in Cairo. For those who do not have access to the historical monuments still standing in the country, this museum is an ideal opportunity to explore a unique a past and culture, downright fascinating. With over 120,000 objects, the museum has an impressive collection of antiquities from Ancient Egypt, which will certainly reveal a whole world in front of visitors.

Egyptian Symbols and the Pyramids of Giza

Although all over Egypt there is are lot of locations where you can admire the pyramids, by far the most visited location is the pyramids of Giza, near Cairo. The Giza Plateau includes several buildings, which tourists have the opportunity to see and find out a little bit about the Egyptian architectural past. Pyramids are developed in the following settings: Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. In addition, you will see the famous Sphinx, the tomb of Queen Khentkaus I, the village of builders and several cemeteries.

A royal route on Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is one part of the Nile River, located near the town of Luxor. Over time, here there have been placed tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, so it is an area of great importance and it also represents the remains of ancient buildings that will definitely surprise you. Currently, there are 63 graves and rooms discovered, but researchers continue to bring to the world even more about Egypt’s royal past.

With the Nile River crossing its territory, Egypt is one of the most popular destinations that many travelers chose to spend their vacation in. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this wonderful country and fall in love with the incredible beauty and history of the places. These are just some of the major tourist attractions in Egypt. Depending on your preferences and location, they can outline possible destinations. In addition, tourists can also choose a place according to their interests and passions.

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