5 Best Beaches in Greece

Summer is not over yet, so you can still plan a memorable vacation on one of the best beaches in Greece. Sunny days, white sand and clear turquoise waters, perfect weather for a good tan, delicious cuisine. And even reasonable prices are only a few of reasons why Greece is one of the best options in Europe for millions of tourists.

Have you enjoyed great moments in Athens? Do you want to explore more of this beautiful country and your next stop is on a beautiful beach? If you find yourself searching for that beach that suits best your vacation needs, we’ve got you covered with a list of 5 best beaches in Greece, so you can choose easier.

Deciding about “the best” beach can be a subjective matter, since there are so many options, some of them being more quiet and remote, while others offer soft sand and clear waters or breathtaking landscapes. Either way, making a choice doesn’t come easy at all, so we just want to inspire and help you find the most convenient for your budget and taste.

1. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Beaches in GreeceNobody said it was easy choosing from so many wonderful beaches found in this country, but try to see things from another perspective: you’ve got lots of options that can inspire and take you to the right place.

If you are dreaming about sitting on a less-crowded beach with a cocktail in one hand and enjoying the sun, then Navagio Beach is the one you are looking for. Here is some useful info to keep in mind before getting there:


This small beach, also known as the Shipwreck, is located on the coast of Zakynthos island, which is one of the most famous destinations for both Greeks and tourists, as well as one of the jewels of the Ionian Islands. Even if you haven’t been to this beach before, it is easily recognizable as it’s one of the most photographed areas in the country.

Navagio beach is actually an exposed cove that provides unforgettable images with bright blue waters and golden sands where tourists can start a real snorkeling exploration and be part of a unique underwater show. It is mainly famous for its spectacular landscapes, perfectly cool water or the high cliffs, with the rocks inspiring artists and photographs to take some wonderful snapshots.

Although it may be a crowded area during the summer days, it is definitely worth a visit. Being an isolated beach, don’t expect to find many things to do, just to lay down, admire the views and enjoy your vacation. However, if you get bored, have a look around and explore the Zakynthos Island by seeing its museums, closest villages or churches.

2. Vouliagmeni Beach, Athens

For those who are travelling to Athens, a good option is to escape the city and discover its beautiful beaches located a few miles away. One of them is Vouliagmeni beach, a superb local area where tourists can spend a few days of vacation.


Closer to the town, this public beach run by EOT, Greece’s National Tourist Organization, is situated in the south part. More exactly, at approximately 12 miles distance from Athens with plenty of outdoor activities offered for everyone. The proximity to the capital city makes this one of the best beaches in Greece that is easily accessible.

Travel tips: Since it’s larger than other beaches, options are also bigger and a good recommendation is to get your swimsuit and visit Lake Iraiou, one of the best attractions around this zone. It is also great for snorkeling, for those interested in discovering the underwater’s beauties.

Filled with lots of resorts and hotels, services may include spa treatments, and massage to make you forget about daily problems. Have a good day at the beach by trying a volleyball or basketball game, as well as playgrounds zone for kids. Moreover, reward yourself with some delicious Greek food at one of the self-service restaurants available there.

3. Arillas Beach, Corfu

You won’t find two similar beaches in Greece and that’s a good thing, because each of them has something to show and offer to its regular visitors. If you are making honeymoon plans for this summer and you need a great place for romance, then we recommend you check out this quiet and wonderful Arillas Beach, in Corfu, that provides impressive coastal scenery and relaxation times.


Extended on two kilometers and situated at the northwestern part of Corfu Island, this fine beach has a specific quiet feel. This makes it an excellent destination for couples or families with kids. The little ones can play in the golden white sand or swim in the blue and clear water.

Travel tips: Don’t miss a magical sunset on the beach, after taking a nice and romantic walk on the beach, because many visitors come to this beach only for it. Getting here in September and you are passionate about wines? Then you should check out the Annual Wine Festival, held in early September. Friendly atmosphere, breath-taking sunsets or beautiful landscapes are only a few of reasons visitors keep coming back.

4. Paradise Beach, Mykonos

best beaches in greeceParadise is often described as that perfect place where you can do whatever you want, enjoying all the pleasures of life and being in a great harmony with everything around you. That’s a good description for the Paradise Beach as well, a great destination for tourists interested in the nightlife, lively place and partying non stop.


If you are looking for a fun-oriented beach, you’ll enjoy a great accommodation in this beach located on the south part of the Mykonos Island. To be more precise, it is only 5 km to the center of the town, and it’s reachable by taxi, public bus, or by boat from Plati Yialos.

Travel trips: Here, tourists will find the largest nightclub on the island and one of the most popular clubs in Europe. Not recommended for people who prefer a quiet and calm beach, as it’s a place for the active ones, who want to make the most of the vacation. It is a great location for water sports: pedal boats, parachute, jet ski, banana or scuba diving center.

5. Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Is relaxation the buzz word for your next summer vacation? If yes, then we strongly advice you to have a trip to Elafonisi Beach, which is an exceptional place with pristine white sand, beautiful turquoise waters reminding us of the Caribbean, where you’ll enjoy some the most beautiful vacations of all times.


Elafonisi is the pink pearl in Crete and one of the best beaches in Greece. It is located in the southwestern area of the Mediterranean Island of Crete. It is also 5 km south of Chrysoskalitisa Monastery, a convenient place to say a pray or meditate on your life. Legend says that the last step of the staircase to reach the monastery is gold and only those who believe in God can see it.

Travel tips: This beach is a protected nature reserve. This means that it is home to sea turtles or other rare animals which live in the area and that you should never try to remove them from their habitat. Its main attraction is the wild beauty of this quiet and deserted zone.


The best beaches in Greece attract million of tourists every year. They are relatively affordable, stunningly beautiful and every traveler can find their perfect spot on a remote or popular beach. If you want to enjoy a chill, relaxing day, opt for a remote beach such as Arillas. However,  if you’re into partying and nightlife go for the popular Paradise beach. Have you ever vacationed in Greece? Tell us your Greek story in the comments section!

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