Aphrodite’s Island in Cyprus


CyprusHugged by the waters of the Mediterranean, with its shores glancing towards the coasts of Turkey and Syria is Cyprus, a peculiar amalgam of cultures dominated by Western Europe with just a hint of the East inscribed in it’s beguiling character. Cyprus is a former British Colony which received independence in 1960 after relentless struggles to break free from British Rule.The most interesting thing about it is it’s duality,while some call it the land of sin due to the stories of Ayia Napa, others call it the European Ocean’s oasis, ” The Island of Aphrodite “.

Cyprus has many spectacular things to offer, I will be your guide in the virtual exploration of this extraordinary country. You should know that the culture of Cyprus is separated between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots cultures , both different and strongly embed in the people’s conscience. While the Greek culture has been here since before time, the Turkish one arrived with the Ottoman Invasions in 1570. This event resulted in an irreparable division between the two communities. The Island is steeped with history and the coastline is full of ancient mysteries and antiquities awaiting your discovery. You will be mesmerized by Tomb of The Kings, the Mosaics of the Odeion and the Roman and Greek Relics.

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is a city full of history which was very well preserved. It has some very nice pubs and restaurants , and of course, the “green line” which divides the Turkish part of Cyprus. Nicosia is also home to the Hamam Omerye, a building designed for fun and relaxation dating back to the 14th century  In 2006 the Hamam Omerye recieved the Europa Nostra prize for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage.

The Aya Napa previously mentioned was surnamed the party capital of Cyprus and is one of the hottest destinations for travelers in search of fun in outdoor taverns. Some of the most well known clubs are : Castle Club, Club Black and White, Club White and River Reggae.

If you are interested in the historical part of Cyprus there is a great number of places to visit. Kurion for example is a hilltop archaeological site in the proximity of Limassol that concentrates some great examples of Roman Architecture like temples, insulae, baths etc.. The mosaic decorated Aggorra of Kurion is still visible and has excellent view to the Meditarranean Ocean. Paphos is also an archaeological city with an open-air museum with roman villas and buildings.

Cypriot people are very well known for their hospitable nature and they welcome travelers with open arms. You are guaranteed an incredible stay and some of the most exotic dishes in the world. If you are in search o an authentic experience you should definitely rent a car and discover all the sights at your own pace.

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