Andorra – Transitory Land


AndorraA small country sandwiched right in the middle of the Pyrenees, not easily accessible, therefore a somehow hidden state, Andorra is a beautiful transitory space between Spain and France.

This country is made out of three valleys : Valira del Nord, Valira del Orient and Valira la Vella embodying the shape of an Y. In the center of Andorra guarded by almost 3000 meters mountains, 1030 m above the sea level, at the bottom of the Enclar mountains there lies Andorra la Vella..the capital of Andorra..a delight for the tourists around the world.

Andorra has been for many years a most suitable destination for cheap chance purchasers. Nowadays it has become a paradise for sport and nature lovers . The largest ski areas in the Pyrenees are located here, in resorts such as: Ordino-Arcalis, Pal I Arinsal, Pas de la Casa Grau Roig, Soldeu-El Tarter. Meanwhile,  in the summer the high mountains and the deep valeys are  great spots for hikers.  In my oppinion the best hiking route is that leading to the glacial basin of Cercle de Pessons, in the Eastern part of the country, passing by some very nice worth seeing roman catholic chapels and museums, a proof of a past time life.

A particular aspect about Andorra is the fact that, despite leading an isolated existance, it has become the main path between Spain and France.  Many of the import fees were cancelled and thus the small country became a heaven for purchasers and bargainers from Spain and France as well as other foreigners. A great part of the national income comes from stamps sales.

The state leaders are the president of France and the bishop of Urgel. The official language is Catalan but most inhabitants speak both French and Spanish.

The most important industry in Andorra is the tourism.  In all the crowded areas there is a wide range of hotels and motels, some are very expensive but there are also low price cottages and campings as well as trailer parks . There are no airports in Andorra, the closest being the ones in Toulouse, Barcelona and Girona, but there are very good roads, so drivers should encounter no problems along the way as well as a well developed public transportation system.

Therefore if you are in for something new, for a peaceful and beautiful virgin landscape and nice ski tracks, Andorra is a great destination. Also in the summer , Andorra hosts many concerts , theatres and music festivals.

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