10 Valuable Souvenirs from Italy to Bring Home

With this article we are going to start a new category here at route4us: souvenirs! Because, honestly, we are tired of the same old fridge magnets and pins we give our friends every time we get back from a holiday, aren’t you? So you’re back from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice, how about you put a little effort into buying some souvenirs? How about we get our loved ones something cool and valuable, something they will truly cherish? This week we are going to take a look at Italy and the awesome and precious souvenirs you could buy there that will pleasantly surprise your friends.

10. Gourmet Food

souvenirs from italy

Your friends would love some genuine and delicious olive oil or even better, some luxurious truffles! Other ideas include: cheese, awesome pastas, honey and of course chocolate. Make sure you wrap them up good and store them away from direct sunlight. You wouldn’t want your valuable truffles spoiling!

9. Herbs and Spices

souvenirs from italyHow about you bring home a beautiful spice rack with all those great Italian herbs and spices? There are plenty of Mediterranean herb mixes to choose from and one will surely satisfy your picky friends. Get something local, like a mix that is only used in a particular part of Italy to impress!

8. Posters and Prints

Souvenirs from Italy


A nice print, a great picture can tell the whole story of your vacation. Choose something that you love, something that you know your friends will love and make sure you don’t get something that might offend the person. I once made a blooper like this and I still blush when the subject comes up!

7. Art

A good painting is hard to find, but when you do, you must buy it for a friend who is interested in art. There are so many young Italian painters who are making a name for themselves, that you won’t have a hard time picking something nice. Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades you’ll find that the value of the painting has tripled!

6. Venetian Mask

souvenirs from italy

If you go to Venice, you must buy a mask. It’s as simple as that, even if you don’t visit during Carnival time. There is one for every type of character, for every person. A good mask can be quite pricey, but it is indeed a work of art. You can even throw a masked theme party once you get back from Venice, so you and your friends can showcase your splendid masks.

5. Designer Clothes

souvenirs from italy

Instead of those raggedy I love X T-shirts, why not pick up a designer piece of clothing while out shopping for yourself? Sure, it won’t scream Rome, but trust us, they’ll cherish it much more than they would an I Love Rome white T-shirt that they’ll probably end up sleeping in. If you don’t want to spend thousands of Euros on an item, why not buy a scarf, gloves or even underwear if it’s not too much.

4. Old Coins

souvenirs from italy

Old coins make for awesome and precious souvenirs! They can be dirt cheap or can have you spend a small fortune – no matter what you choose, just make sure they are genuine. There are various ways for you to check that, one being that you can simply go online and read checklists for the coins that you want to buy and learn about them.

3. Local Handmade Items

souvenirs from italyIf you buy local handmade items, you will not only support the local business, but you’ll also get your friends a unique item that they can cherish for a long time. For example, how about you get them a nice handmade pot, copper pan, something the city you’ve visited is famous for or some handmade paper (that will always impress). Immerse yourself in the culture and you’ll get inspired in no time.

2. Jewelry


souvenirs from italyWho doesn’t like to receive jewelry?! Your friends will love you if you give them something like Murano glass jewelry. The glass originates from the Murano Island, near Venice and it is absolutely splendid. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Buy a nice pendant or ear rings for women and a key chain for men. And get something for yourself, while you’re at it!

1. Bottle of Great Wine

souvenirs from italy

We could dedicate a dozen articles on the great Italian wines you could gift your friends, but we’re not going to do that… yet. All we’re going to tell you is not to be cheap when it comes to wine, because the more expensive the wine, the better. Besides, you’re probably going to drink it together! You should purchase your wines at a winery and not in commercial stores or malls, you’ll get all the help you need if you do so.

What do you think of our list? Did we inspire you to buy some awesome and precious souvenirs? Do you think they’re worth buying? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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