10 London Travel Tips that Only the Locals Will Tell You

Your trip to London must be perfect, that is why you need to do a little research before leaving to make sure you choose the best London hotel for you or to know where you can find a great flower shop in London. We’ve talked to a few Londoners about London travel tips for tourists and they’ve given us an inside look at one of the greatest cities in the world. Listen to what they have to say about transportation, tips, pub etiquette and the London attractions, because they know what they’re talking about and you are going to need their advice once you’re there. Here are 10 London travel tips that only the locals will tell you.

10. Walk, Walk, Walk!

london travel tipsGail, 68, who was born and raised in London has this to say to tourists: “When it comes to London attractions there really isn’t a better way to discover them than brochures and maps, but if you want to have a taste of London and how Londoners live I urge you to do as much walking as possible and when you’re tired, rest your feet in a café and gaze outside the window to see the people passing by. It’s the best way to take London’s pulse! Keep your ears and eyes open! ”

9. Immerse Yourself in London’s Nightlife

london travel tipsAbigail, 23, believes that London has the best nightlife in Europe:London nightlife is amazing and if you’re a tourist who wants to party and make friends, the night is the right time to do that. If I were to offer only one tip to people who wanted to party in London, it would be: have fun and drink, but don’t pick a fight. People say that young Londoners love to binge drink and I think they’re half right, but no matter where you are, do not pick a fight.”

8. Assess the Restaurants Before You Go In

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Graham, 33, has a few London travel tips about food and restaurants: “You can get great food in London at good prices and all you have to do is to do a little assessment before choosing a place to eat. It works best if it’s lunch time: check and see if the place has lots of customers, that usually is a sign that the food is good. Also, if the people eating there are locals, then the place is a winner. Also, tip in restaurants but not in pubs.”

7. Drink Outside

london travel tipsHamish, 18, says that a pub looks appealing to you, then you shouldn’t let yourself get discouraged if it’s packed and there’s no more room for you inside: “When me and my mates go out we have a few favorite places, like the White Horse in Brixton, but when they’re full we don’t simply go someplace else, we just grab our pints and drink them outside. That really suits some of us who are smokers. If it’s too chilly, we just bundle up better and we have a great time!”

6. There’s Always a Place for You to Stay in London

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Trevor, 55, is a hostel manager and believes that anyone can afford to stay in London. “If you can afford to stay at a fancy hotel, that’s nice and dandy, but if you’re a student or you simply can’t afford to pay too much on accommodations, know there are smaller and cheaper hotels and even hostels where you can stay for as little as £15 per night. Or if you don’t have any money at all, you can volunteer to clean or cook for the hostel and they will offer you a bed in exchange for your services.”

5. Get an Oyster Card

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This is something everyone will tell you before coming to London, but Nigel, 45, has a little something more to say about it: “I had some friends come over from Hungary and they had Oyster cards and everything was OK, but one night they went out without me and when they got on the bus to see some of London’s attractions they didn’t validate the card because they thought that it was late and they thought nobody would come and check if they had validated. Five minutes later they were asked for their cards. They had to pay a fine – the moral is: no matter how late it is, someone is going to check your card on the bus!”

4. Avoid Rush Hour

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Emma, 49, has a great London travel tip to share: “avoid the tube during rush hour, as it is an unbelievable nightmare, I know because five days a week I live in it and I see poor tourists getting caught in what seems to them a huge maze and I feel sorry for them. The London Rush Hour starts at around 7:30am and by 10:00am it kind of dies down and then it starts again after 4:30pm and finishes about 7:00pm. Sometimes it’s better to walk than have to face the rush hour and there have been occasions when we were advised to walk rather than wait for the next tube through official announcements.”

3. Discover Quirky New Neighborhoods

london travel tipsMary, 29 has this to say to the London tourist: “some neighborhoods have been revamped and are the perfect place to discover new London attractions and shops. Shoreditch is just that place. Jack the Ripper ruled the place in the 19th century, but nowadays it is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty to offer. For example, a wonderful shop that has been opened since 1818 is the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies which offers Salt Made From Tears Shed While Chopping Onion, Cubed Earwax extracted from people on a diet of Tinned Fear or a can of a Vague Sense of Unease. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?”

2. Stay Safe

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Polly, 14, was mugged in broad daylight in London and it left quite a mark on her: “I really didn’t expect that to happen to me, but then again, nobody does. I was threatened with a knife and I had to give them my wallet and rings. I really don’t know how I could have avoided that, but I do urge people to stay safe and call the police if something appear suspicious to them or if they witnessed a wrongdoing. Don’t be afraid to react!”

1. Document Your Trip – A Great London Travel Tip

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Ray, 67, is a writer who believes that the best way to document your trip isn’t through pictures and videos, but through keeping a travel log. “Write whenever you have a moment of peace, on a bench in a park or at home after dinner. It will take a while to make it a habit, but once you do, you’ll see how wonderful it is to go through it and not only remember what you’ve seen and done, but also your feelings and thoughts on the matter.”

Do you have any other London travel tips? What is your favorite London attraction? Care you share your London story?

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