Travelling In Lebanon

In Lebanon one can go skiing in the morning and bathing in the warm Mediterranean Sea at noon. This wide range of available activities is legendary and has partly made this country a very attractive touristic destination in the Middle East. People all over the world come to the Baalbek festival.

Cities in Lebanon

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon is a shining metropolis with a very
active night life but also an ideal location for mountain travelers. Jubail, Tyr, Sidon, Tripoli are some of the most beautiful antique cities on the coast, displaying a unique combination of ancient buildings and Islamic and Christian architecture.

Jubail, known as Byblos in the ancient times, located in the Northern part of Beirut, founded in 7000 BC, is said to be the oldest city in the world. Egyptian and Byzantine influences are easily recognizable. Here tourists can visit the ruins of Byblos, Crusaders’ Cathedral and an antique souk.

Baalbeck Lebanon

The Phoenician port Tyr is today the city of Sur. Tyr was known in Antiquity as the Queen of the Sea, in time the colonies, the glass industry, the sea trade turned it into a rich city. The excavated port was divided into a few areas: in the 1st area there is an island with particular buildings – colonnades, public baths, mosaic decorated streets and a rectangular arena. The old huge leaking canals and the dams of the port are still here today. The 3rd area comprises a vast necropole, magnificent  marble and stone sarcophaguses and a great racing track.

Tripoli is the capital of Northern Lebanon. This city has a big strategic advantage due to the existing natural ports and the access to the interior of the country, this is the reason why the Phoenicians once settled a trade center here. There are many religious old constructions here. St.Gillis Acropolis dates back from the crusaders’ period and the Lion’s Tower is the last tower in the mameluke period.

The Baalbek Temples

1200 m high on the Bekka Valey, rises one of the biggest temples in the Middle East. It was built by the Romans and it is known as the Levant Acropolis. Baalbek the city of the Ball Goddess was built in pre Roman times. The great Temple of Jupiter only keeps 6 of the original 52 columns brought from Egypt. In exchange the small Temple of Venus is kept in very good condition.

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