Travel Tips to Gibraltar, the Place where Europe Shakes Hands with Africa

travel tips to gibraltarPlanning a vacation, but you have no idea if you prefer a European capital or the incredible African continent? What would say if you could have both the European and African experience in just one vacation? If you’re looking for great summer vacation ideas, don’t miss these travel tips to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is the southernmost point of the Iberian peninsula, being a British enclave that close to the Algeciras Bay and having a dominant position on the strait that bears its name. The strategic position between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and Africa and the famous Rock are, without doubt, the geographical aspects that have greatly influenced the history of Gibraltar.

The first people who settled in Gibraltar were the Phoenicians three thousand years ago. Gibraltar. The Romans also had a temporary place here, and so did the vandals that followed, but first permanent settlement belongs to the Moors, who gave the name of the peninsula, Gibel Tariq (Tariq ‘s Rock), after the General had brought victory against Spain.

How is the weather in Gibraltar?

The relaxing atmosphere and pleasant climate of Gibraltar are the most valued by tourist. Even in summer days, the thermometer does not go above 28 degrees Celsius, but only 100 km far from Gibraltar, there is Malaga where temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius.

The most suitable months for visiting this region are from April to June and September and October. Summers are warm and sometimes humid.

What to see in Gibraltar?

St. Michael’s Cave is a rare beauty, being a gorgeous cathedral in rock with stalactites and underground lakes. According to reports of Alonso Hernández del Portillo, the first historian of the Gibraltar caves, the name comes from a similar grotto in Monte Gargano, near the Sanctuary of Monte Sant Angelo in Apulia, Italy, where the Archangel Michael is said to have appeared.

The Great Siege Tunnels are a complex system of tunnels dug by the British during the great siege that lasted four years, the longest continuous siege in history. Spaniards came in waves from the continent and the British successively defended from attacks, resisting heroically.

The Gibraltar Museum was officially opened on July 23, 1930 by Sir Alexander Godley. Here you can visit the Gibraltar skull, the first Neanderthal man found in Europe, the tools of people who lived in caves and ornaments found in caves.

Europa Point is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. Here the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean and Africa is so close, offering an impressive view.

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is probably one of the most famous places to see during your visit to Gibraltar. Once at the top of the cliff, you feel like sitting on top of the world. Here live in freedom approximately 250 macaques, the only monkeys in Europe and one of the main attractions for tourists.

The Moorish Castle Complex is among our travel tips to Gibraltar. It was built in 711 BC, during the Moorish occupation. The main building left is the Tower of Homage, a massive building of brick and concrete which is called Tapia and houses the apartments and baths of Moors.

What not to miss in Gibraltar?

For summer vacation ideas, don’t miss the water activities in Gibraltar: waters are inhabited by whales and dolphins and boat trips are one of the biggest attractions for tourists.

travel tips to gibraltar


Where to stay in Gibraltar

Chic hotels 3 – 4 star hotels are the best option for accommodation in Gibraltar. Prices range from 50 euro / room per night and can reach up to more than 200-300 euros for luxury hotels.

Our recommendations for a perfect stay are: Bristol Hotel, Rock Hotel, O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel.

Where to eat in Gibraltar?

The best restaurants and pubs are located on the main street. An English breakfast costs about £ 4.

The food is an interesting mix of Mediterranean cuisine and English cuisine, and the locals are friendly and eager to make money.

What language is spoken in Gibraltar?

In Gibraltar, English is the official language, and Llanito is a mixture of Spanish and English, but has influences from the languages of all peoples who have lived or are living on The Rock (from Arabic and Portuguese to German, Hebrew, Italian and Maltese).

Where to shop in Gibraltar?

In Gibraltar, shop for electronics, cigarettes and alcohol which are much cheaper than in the rest of Europe.

Where do get a tan in Gibraltar?

On the east part you can find Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay and south Sandy Bay. Little Bay is a pebble beach and Camp Bay / Keys lies on the west coast. Fishing, diving, parasailing and water skiing and also an option.

Gibraltar is definitely on our list of summer vacation ideas and these cool travel tips to Gibraltar will help you get the best out of your vacation. Which destinations are on your list?


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