Tanzania – Magnificent Landscapes in the Eastern Africa

Tanzania - Magnificent Landscapes in the Eastern AfricaTanzania is actually the essence of the magnificent African continent. With its extraordinary sights, animals and wild plants, it emphasizes the whole African magic. Tanzania is all about endless savannas, covered up by thick vegetation, countless lakes and beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean, all guarded by the great Kilimanjaro and crossed back and forth by huge savage herds.

Tanzania, located south of the Ecuador, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, the largest country in Eastern Africa is made up of a mountainous area in the middle, 2 islands: Zanzibar and Pemba and many other small islands. If you have ever heard of the Great Rift Valley, Tanzania is the country where this natural monument is located all the way from the Red Sea to Mozambic.

This country has become one of the most famous and visited destinations in Africa..a safari is actually the climax point  of any visit to Tanzania, most of them being available in the Northern part of the country, in national parks like: Arusha, Manyara, Tarangire and Serengheti as well as in the Ngorongoro region. An African safari can last up to seven days. For professional hunters, hunting reservations are available, such as Selous, which is actually the largest one in Africa. The National Park Manyara is known as a very beautiful place, where large flocks of flamingo birds gather up in the rainy season.

The fields are covered up with tall, dry grass, clustered trees and prickly bushes. The acacia tree, an umbrella shaped tree is a landmark of the savanna along with the famous huge baobab tree which has adapted to the droughty climate. During the rainy season the dry savanna becomes a green and full of flowers land. The coast is covered up with mangroves, palm trees and cashew and sisal plantations.

About 95 % of the population is part of the Bantu tribe and their language, Kiswahili, is the official language in Tanzania. However most of the inhabitants understand and speak English, therefore one should encounter no problems related to this aspect. Vaccine against yellow fever is compulsory, but visitors should also vaccinate against tetanus, diphtheria, cholera, petechial fever and malaria.

The greatest richness of this, otherwise poor country, is the extremely impressive landscape with steep naked mountains and deep edgy canyons and glacial lakes in the depth of the valley. Most of them are very famous, an African mark: Malawi, Tanganyca, Manyara, Natron, Eyasi. However Kilimanjaro, the African Roof and Lake Victoria are by far the greatest, most impressive monuments of this location.

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