Roosevelt Hotel NYC Review: A Classic Accommodation with All The Contemporary Trimmings

roosevelt hotel in nyc

The Roosevelt Hotel is a popular Midtown Manhattan hotel. Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, this luxurious hotel stands out with its architecture and contemporary trimmings. The hotel originally opened in 1924 and went through a significant renovation during the 1990s. Here is our Roosevelt Hotel NYC review to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Discover the Roosevelt Hotel

Located on the corner of East 45th Street and Madison Avenue, Roosevelt Hotel immediately stands out with its black and gold marquee. The entrance of the hotel establishes a luxurious feel right away.

The hotel has a rich history. It opened in September 1924, and you can still see the influence of the Jazz Age and Renaissance Revival style inside of the hotel. The architecture of the building itself blends in among classic business buildings.

The hotel is a George B. Post & Son creation, a name you might be familiar with if you are an architecture buff since this is the architect who designed the New York Stock Exchange building.

We like the mixture of classic luxury that evokes the decadent 1920s and modern amenities. Staying at the Roosevelt Hotel is like taking a step back in time without sacrificing any of the comforts that you would expect from a Manhattan hotel.

In a way, this mixture is detrimental to the ambiance of the hotel since the modern rooms clash with the retro feel of the lobby and shared spaces.

Common Spaces

The common spaces of the hotel are what stand out the most. The decor and atmosphere immediately evoke the unrestrained luxury of the 1920s. The lighting is worth mentioning since the aptly placed fixture accentuates the details of the Renaissance Revival interior.

Also, the lobby is absolutely breathtaking. It’s like stepping into a bygone era and experiencing what New York was like in the 1920s for a few minutes.

Even if you end up staying at a different Manhattan hotel, we recommend that you walk in the Roosevelt Hotel just to see the lobby.

Dining Options

The variety and quality of the dining options offered are other positive points. Any Roosevelt Hotel NYC review will mention the mad46 rooftop bar due to the unforgettable experience of sipping a cocktail while admiring a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

The mad46 rooftop bar is open from May to October. You will find an excellent selection of cocktails, wines, and quick bites. It has a very modern feel and design compared to the rest of the hotel, but the rooftop bar is a luxurious experience.

The Roosevelt Grill has a more traditional approach to luxury. This restaurant offers breakfast items and gives you the possibility to order Starbucks coffee.

The Madison Club Lounge is another classic dining option. This lounge creates an enticing atmosphere with its soft lighting and dark wooden furniture. The billiards room affixed to the lounge will make your stay even more special.

The Vander Bar is another staple of the hotel that you won’t want to miss. You have to exit the hoteland go next door to find this popular spot. This is often full due to its excellent pub fare, cocktails, and modern and classy feel.

We like how the bar manages to create the same luxurious atmosphere as the rest of the hotel while using a more modern style.

What Are The Rooms Like?

The Roosevelt Hotel has over 1,000 rooms and a total of 33 suites. The rooms and suites have air conditioning and overall provide a very comfortable experience.

Also, the regular rooms have earthy tones and red and gold accents. You will find black and white framed photographs on the wall.

The rooms can feel underwhelming after the abundant luxury of the common spaces of the hotel. The rooms are functional and straightforward, but guests probably expect more after seeing the lobby.

The rooms feature excellent bedding. You will find a flat-screen HDTV in each room, an iPod dock, and other modern features. Also, the bathrooms are clean and functional even though they might feel a little small.

The different room sizes include queen, superior king, superior double, deluxe king, and luxurious double bed. You will get 300 square feet of space with the largest rooms offered while the queen and superior king rooms are approximately half this size.

The suites deliver an experience that is much closer to what you would expect after seeing the luxurious lobby of the hotel.

The suites include a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen, and living space. There are more efforts put into the design and feel of the suites compared to the regular rooms.

Other Spaces

The Roosevelt Hotel also offers different meeting spaces that you can book for business events, conferences, and similar events. Two ballrooms make for stunning wedding venues.

These features won’t impact your stay at the hotel if you aren’t planning an event, but we think you should consider the Roosevelt Hotel if you need a wedding venue or a classy setting for a business event.

Roosevelt Hotel Nyc Review: Where is The Roosevelt Hotel?

The location of the hotel is one of the positive points of this Roosevelt Hotel NYC review. The hotelis on the corner of East 45th Street and Madison Avenue, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It’s almost across the street from the MetLife Building.

This area is busy during the day due to the nearby business buildings. However, you might find that there aren’t many options for nightlife.You can easily walk from the hotel to the Grand Central Station.

You can also walk to several nearby landmarks, including Bryant Park, the New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center, the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Time Square.

If you don’t mind walking for fifteen minutes, you can easily access Central Park and explore several other landmarks and neighborhoods.

The central location of the hotel is ideal for exploring Manhattan, and you will also have access to several public transit options to visit the rest of New York.

We recommend the Roosevelt Hotel if you want to visit NYC due to the proximity with many landmarks and also think the hotel is a convenient option for business travel.


Here is a quick summary of the main features and amenities of the Roosevelt Hotel:

  • Address - 45 East 45th Street & Madison Avenue New York, New York
  • Rooms and Suites -  1,025 rooms and 33 suites
  • Amenities Room -  Room service, Business center , Laundry service, WiFi, Concierge Fitness center ,Valet service, 24-hour parking, HDTVs, iPod docks, Paid streaming service, Coffee makers and mini fridges on request, Wheelchair accessible

How Does the Roosevelt Hotel Compare to Other Accommodations?

There are other hotels in the Midtown Manhattan area. We recommend that you compare rates for the dates of your stay to find the most affordable option possible.

Casablanca Hotel by Library Hotel Collection

The Casablanca Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on 43rd Street. It delivers a luxury experience comparable to the Roosevelt Hotel even though the architectural style is very different.

The classic movie Casablanca inspired the theme of the hotel. You will find some Moroccan-themed accents in the room.

The Blue Parrot Courtyard is a truly unique dining experience with its exotic feel. We like the theme of the hotel because it’s unique and creates an original and romantic atmosphere.

The room sizes are similar to what you will find at the Roosevelt, and you can also book a mini suite. The hotel lacks a fitness center, but it delivers a great boutique hotel experience and outstanding service.

This hotel is only a few blocks south of the Roosevelt Hotel. The price range is slightly higher, especially if you can get the 40% off promotion on your stay at the Roosevelt.

  • Name: Casablanca Hotel
  • Address: 147 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia

The Shelburne Hotel & Suites is a modern and comfortable hotel. It doesn’t have the same luxurious style as the Roosevelt Hotel, but we think this hotel is an excellent option if you are looking for a modern and comfortable hotel at a fair price.

The hotel feels warm and welcoming, and you can book rooms, suites, and studio apartments. The hotel offers activities for children and different amenities designed to make your stay with a pet more comfortable.

It has a seasonal rooftop bar, a gym, valet parking, and a daily wine and cheese reception. The Rare Bar & Grill is another standout feature of the hotel.

The hotel is smaller than the Roosevelt Hotel, and we think it could be a better option if you are traveling with young children.

We recommend this hotel because of the attention to detail, the quality of the service, and the pricing.

You can save on your stay thanks to different promotional offers, including a free night added to your visit for some dates, discounted Sunday rates, and lower prices if you book early.

The hotel is in the Murray Hill neighborhood. You will be within walking distance of the Empire State Building, Manhattan Mall, and Grand Central station. If you don’t mind walking a little further, you can easily access the Midtown Manhattan area.

  • Name: Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia
  • Address: 303 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Roosevelt Hotel NYC Review: Pros and Cons 

The Roosevelt Hotel stands out thanks to the vibrant architectural style of the outside and lobby. The hotel has an opulent style that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Furthermore, the main drawback of the hotel is the contrast between the rooms and the opulent feel of the rest of the hotel. The rooms and suites are clean, comfortable, but feel underwhelming after seeing the lobby.

However, the Roosevelt Hotel is still an excellent accommodation to consider for your stay in Manhattan due to the rooftop bar and other excellent dining options and the convenient location. 


  • Location: Affordable
  • Selection of rooms and suites: Dining options, including a rooftopbar
  • Amenities: Great service, Common spaces are amazing


  • Rooms: can feel underwhelming
  • Daily parking: fee
  • No Swimming pool

Final Verdict for Roosevelt Hotel Nyc Review

The only real issue with the Roosevelt Hotel is that the design and feel of the rooms contrast with the classic luxury of the common spaces.

The hotel still deserves a rating of four out of five stars due to the quality of the service offered, convenient location, and dining options.

It’s essential to keep in mind that accommodations can get expensive in the Midtown Manhattan area.

The Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most affordable options available, and you probably won’t mind the room decor if you can get a good price on your stay in Manhattan.

We recommend the Roosevelt Hotel because you can easily walk to different landmarks or access Grand Central Station to explore other areas of NYC.

The amenities offered are another reason to consider this hotel, and we also think that the different dining options provided are above what you will find in other Manhattan hotels.

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