Resort Review: The Spectacular Paradisus Cancun Resort

paradisus cancun

There are many reasons why you might enjoy a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches that are sure to make visitors feel like they are in a tropical paradise. While many tourists avoid parts of Mexico that are known for violence or crime, Cancun is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a much-needed getaway from work or a fun family adventure, you are sure to enjoy visiting Cancun.

Many tourists enjoy spending their time in Cancun on a resort where they can relax on the beach and enjoy sipping drinks while they dip their toes in the pool. While many people may opt to stay at the resort where they feel safer, some people enjoy venturing out in Cancun to explore the ruins or other attractions in the city. Luckily, many resorts will allow you to go off the resort on your own or offer excursions that you can go on throughout Cancun.

Whether you choose to spend your time in Cancun in peaceful paradise or on adventures, a resort is sure to give you the best experience in Cancun. Many of these resorts are even all-inclusive, which means that the cost of your meals and drinks are part of the price of your room. Often, there will be certain activities, including watersports, that will be included as well.  

If you are planning a trip to Cancun and want to stay at an all-inclusive resort, the Paradisus Cancun is one of the top-rated resorts in Cancun. This guide reviews this popular resort and compares it to a few other popular resorts in Cancun so you can decide where to spend your next vacation.

Everything You Need to Know About Paradisus Cancun

Rooms and Amenities

Paradisus Cancun offers six different room options as well as two junior suites and four family concierge suites. These rooms range from 474 square feet to 650 square feet, and either offer an ocean view or a lagoon view. The smaller rooms provide either a single king-sized bed or two separate double beds. The larger rooms have the same bed options but also include a separate living room with a lounge and sofa bed for the kids. Family concierge suites have special amenities including beach kits, slippers, bathrobes, and even milk and cookies for children.

These luxurious rooms have beautiful marble floors, rain showers, private terraces and televisions. Some have minibars and coffee makers as well. You have access to high-speed internet, 24-hour room service, laundry facilities and a PlayStation for the kids. In addition to standard amenities like bathroom essentials and bathrobes, many rooms include beach kits, hats, toys and more.  

Dining and Drinks

With nine restaurants and five bars, you are sure to find something that everyone wants to eat or drink at the Paradisus Cancun resort.


The most notable of these restaurants is Tempo, a contemporary Basque restaurant run by six-Michelin-star chef Martin Berasategui. This restaurant is only open for dinner and is for adults only. It as an extremely elegant restaurant that is perfect for date night.


There are several restaurants that serve Mexican or Latin cuisine that the whole family can enjoy, including Mole, Fuego and Blue Agave. Adults can enjoy Latin food in a private dining room or terrace at Fuego. There are also many other cuisine options for dining, including Asian, Mediterranean, Brazilian Rodízio and more. Several buffet options offer a variety of international foods. If you are looking to eat on the beach, you can try out the Market Grill, which serves dinner by the beach.


bar with drinks

There are several bars that serve almost any drink you can think of in a variety of settings. If you just want to enjoy your drinks in the warm sun, you can grab some drinks from the swim-up bar that lets you order a drink without having to leave the pool. This bar is for all ages and has soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks. Coco’s Beach Club is located on the beach and is open almost all day long.



woman playing golf

There are a large variety of activities that are available at the Paradisus Cancun. You can enjoy golfing on the resort’s course. This golf course is free for guests, but you will need to pay to rent golf clubs or balls. You will also have to make a reservation to play and wear proper golf attire. Serious golfers have reported that this golf course, along with the clubs for rent, is not in the best shape. However, many people said they enjoyed the course, so it may be best for people who enjoy golfing casually.



The YHI Spa is a great place, full of relaxing scents, to rejuvenate and treat your body. This spa offers various treatments, including exfoliation, massages, detoxes, stone rituals, healing wraps and hydrotherapies. There is a spa pool, sauna and steam room to relax and detoxify your body. If you want to continue your exercise routine while away from home, you can enjoy yoga, Pilates, the gym and more. You can even go to the beauty salon to get your hair and nails done.



What is a resort without a beautiful swimming pool? Paradisus Cancun has a couple of pools, including one pool that is as long as the entire resort. This pool includes the swim-up bar that we mentioned earlier. There is also a family pool that is shallow enough for children to enjoy. There are also several hot tubs for guests to enjoy.


Paradisus Cancun offers plenty of entertainment for its guests both during the day and at night. These options include a nightclub, beach parties and live shows. If you love to dance and party, you’re sure to have a great time.


You’re probably wondering which services and activities are free when you stay at the resort. Almost everything at Paradisus Cancun is included. All your meals and drinks, even those in your personal minibar, are included in the all-inclusive price. The golf course, YHI Spa, pool, and all the entertainment are all built into the cost of the room. This resort truly includes everything when it says that your stay is all-inclusive.

The Beach

The white sand beach lying right outside of the Paradisus Cancun’s swimming pool is absolutely beautiful. There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach so you can enjoy lying by the water in comfort. While the beach is fun to swim in, there is not good snorkeling right outside the resort. If you are looking for some more adventurous water fun, you can cross the street to Aquatours, where you can enjoy different excursions, including traveling by speedboat to a decent snorkeling spot.  

Royal Service

If you’re looking for the absolute best service and experience at Paradisus Cancun, you can pay for the Royal Service offer. You will have access to private lounges, receive preferential treatment, butler service, upgraded amenities, access to the exclusive restaurant La Palapa, a private beach area and more.


The price for your stay at Paradisus Cancun will vary depending on the number of guests, which room you choose, how long you are planning to stay and when you book the trip. Additionally, prices vary greatly depending on which travel provider you use to make your reservation. According to Paradisus Cancun’s website, you can expect to pay at least $444 a night for just two people if you choose to book your trip through them. However, other providers claim to offer deals that average around $294 a night, so you will need to look around to get the best deal. All-inclusive resorts in Cancun are often much more affordable than resorts found in other places in the world. If you consider the cost for the food, drinks, entertainment and more that are part of the price of your room, you’re getting quite the deal.

How Does Paradisus Cancun Compare to Other Resorts?

Before you decide to book your trip with the Paradisus Cancun, you should look at other all-inclusive resorts to make sure you are planning the best vacation possible.

The Royal Sands Resort and Spa All Inclusive

swimming pool amenities


The Royal Sands offers smaller suites with some pretty basic amenities like WiFi, a TV, bathroom amenities and a kitchenette that has a minibar and coffee maker. One cool addition to the larger rooms is a full kitchen with everything you would have at home, including a fridge, sink, microwave, dishwasher and stove. However, the Royal Sands doesn’t seem to go the extra step to make its guests feel welcome like Paradisus does by providing beach kits or special perks for the kids.


In comparison to many of the dining and bar options at Paradisus Cancun, the dining at the Royal Sands seems much more casual. There is a wide variety of dining options, including a smaller café and snack bar. There is even an option for pizza, which you can have delivered to your room. There are restaurants located on the beach, poolside bars and a karaoke sports bar. Although the food does not appear as exquisite, many visitors report loving the food at the Royal Sands.


The Royal Sands offers almost any activity you can think of. Choose from swimming pools, a tennis court, golf course, spa, fitness center, snorkeling, volleyball, jet skiing, parasailing and more. The beach is right outside of the resort with beach chairs and umbrellas for your convenience.


Average of $269 a night.

Customer Rating

Panama Jack Resort

Panama Jack Resort Cancun


Panama Jack Resort offers a wide variety of rooms for its guests. While the smaller, cheaper rooms have basic amenities and a private balcony, larger rooms have whirlpool baths, hammocks on the balcony, a patio that accesses the beach, semi-private pools and more. If you’re willing to pay for a more luxurious stay, you’re sure to have it.


With 13 restaurants and bars, you’re bound to find a place with food you’ll enjoy. This resort offers a wide variety of cuisine types, a poolside bar and delicious-looking restaurants located right on the beach.  While the fanciest restaurants at this resort do not look as exquisite as some of those at Paradisus Cancun, they have some great-looking options.


With 13 restaurants and bars, you’re bound to find a place with food you’ll enjoy. This resort offers a wide variety of cuisine types, a poolside bar and delicious-looking restaurants located right on the beach.  While the fanciest restaurants at this resort do not look as exquisite as some of those at Paradisus Cancun, they have some great-looking options.


Average of $246 a night.

Customer Rating

Paradisus Cancun Pros and Cons


  • Room amenities that make guests feel special
  • A lot of dining options that offer an exquisite dining experience
  • Lots of recreation options, including the YHI spa for relaxation and healing
  • Kid-friendly resort that even offers babysitting at an extra price
  • Very affordable price for an all-inclusive resort
  • Very beautiful scenery and garden areas


  • Reviews claim that the pool and restaurants can get too crowded
  • Have to make reservations for some of the activities
  • Rooms don’t have many additional features like full kitchens, whirlpool baths, or beach entry
  • No snorkeling or water sports on the beach

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re going with kids, friends or as a couple, the Paradisus Cancun is a great, affordable resort that you’re sure to enjoy. Your all-inclusive stay includes tons of great activities, including some time at the relaxing YHI Spa. The fact that this resort has a separate pool for kids is a great touch.

However, there are many great options for resorts in Cancun, depending on your needs. For example, the Panama Jack Resort is a great resort to bring your kids to for a similarly great price. If you want to avoid kids completely, there are several resorts that are for adults only.

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