Everything You Need To Know About Marquis Los Cabos Resort and Spa

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Marquis Los Cabos is an oceanside vacation resort and spa located in Los Cabos, Mexico, on the southeast side of the California Peninsula. It is also known as Baja California Sur and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Marquis Los Cabos Resort fronts the Sea of Cortes. Please note that each of the 235 rooms in this exclusive luxury resort is for adults only.

Primarily because guests are paying the price for peace, quiet and privacy, and children don’t add to the feeling of serenity. And since it is touted as ideal for honeymooners, children may be exposed to a more adult atmosphere than most parents would care to explain.


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Sunny, tropical Los Cabos, Mexico, is lovely year-round. The coolest air temperatures are found between December and March, ranging anywhere from 55 degrees to 78 degrees on average. Moderate temperatures prevail in April and May, and again in November when temperatures can range from 75 degrees to 79 degrees.

June through October is considered the warmest part of the year and can see lows of 82 degrees up to 86 degrees. As you can see, the temperatures are agreeable year-round, but depending on whether you want to take in more adventure or relax and do some serious sun-worshipping, you may want to go when the temperatures best suit your planned activities.

The sea temperatures are warm enough to enjoy a swim year-round. January through June, the water averages a lovely 75 degrees. If you prefer your water warm, it is a relaxing 91 degrees to 95 degrees for the remainder of the year, and that is actually warmer than the air temperature.

If you plan on hiking, rainfall may contradict those plans a bit. The warmer weather falls during June and July, but so does the greatest rainfall – on average, 22 days of the month. August and September may give you a better shot at a dry day, as they have between 12 to 15 days of rain on average.

October still has temperatures warm enough to bask on the beach with only around eight to 10 rainy days. And with nine hours of sunlight in the cooler months and 12 full hours of sun in the warmer months, there is no shortage of sunshine in this amazing place.

Travel to Marquis Los Cabos

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Cabos International Airport is an hour’s drive from the resort. Transcabo’s private airport transfer will get you to the retreat in just 25 minutes - with a cold drink in hand. You can hop a bus at the airport, which only costs around $4.00, or you can share a shuttle with other passengers for around $32 each. Take a cab if you like for around $30.

You can hire a private ride for around $120 per carload for a round trip. Even though it seems a bit more expensive – around $200 to $300 for the week, renting a car at the airport for your use while visiting is recommended.

Having access to a vehicle allows you to see some of the local sights or visit a beach for swimming if you like.

Amenities - What Do You Get for Your Money?

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The suites are very large, the smallest being 650 square feet – essentially a 25-foot x 26-foot room. The largest room is a cavernous 2,604 square feet area – 1000 feet larger than the average starter home. Each room has a balcony with an ocean view and is furnished with furniture comfortable for lounging, tables for outdoor dining and rugs for comfort underfoot.

Luxury-grade king or double beds are found in each room, as well as a sofa bed for your convenience. So that all may enjoy this resort, there are two handicap accessible rooms at the lobby level as well.

All the Comforts of Home

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Jacuzzi tubs are a standard in every room, as is a separate walk-in shower. Double sinks help make getting both of you ready in the morning a breeze. No cheap generic shampoo and soap samples here.

You are treated to a well-know luxury brand at Marquis Los Cabos. Hair dryers, irons with ironing boards and a mini-bar (restocked daily) are also provided. Each guest also gets a fluffy bathrobe and cozy slippers. Daily housekeeping service is a standard to keep your room fresh, and turndown service is offered.


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No need to feel isolated from the real world – although you may choose to ignore it. Wi-Fi is included in your room as well as an iPod dock, telephone and large screen television. The lobby, with its rainbow-shaped arched ceiling and an ocean view, is also furnished with rows of computers, should you need access.

With indoor swimming pools available in the Master and Casita Suites, and room service included, you need never leave your suite if you don’t want to.

Meals, Snacks and Drinks

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Sweet rolls are provided in-room each morning, and each room has a Nespresso machine. In addition to dialing up room service, which you may do at any time you wish (24 hours a day), Marquis Los Cabos’ guests receive all meals and snacks, at no additional cost, at any of four different restaurants.

Choose the restaurant according to your cravings – Mediterranean, Seafood, Asian, or International. There is also a pastry deli and the hotel bar. Drinks are also included in this deal. There is a fifth restaurant, which you certainly may choose, but the cost is not included.

Spa and Salon

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The Marquis Spa offers skilled massage therapists, providing a wide variety of both body and facial treatments in an 80-minute massage using indigenous cactus oil. They also offer scrubs, wraps and hot stone treatments.

You’ll have the use of one of ten private cabins for your treatment, providing serenity as well as relaxation. You can take a walk on a treadmill followed by a soak in a private hot tub with an ocean view.

Didn’t have time to wax before your left home? No problem. Stop by the salon, and they will take care of you. If you want a little more me-time, treat yourself to a scalp massage or a haircut. Since they have many weddings at the Marquis Los Cabos, they also offer make-up services, hair styling, manicures and pedicures.


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If you are reticent to leave this oasis in paradise even for a few hours, you can take part in any of the daily activities that are provided by the resort itself. This can include such things as out door yoga classes, rifle shooting, archery, salsa dancing or even a guacamole-making class. You can also catch a movie while stargazing at the same time or take in an acrobatic fire juggling show.

You can shoot a few baskets or find love on a tennis court. Get in a good game of golf at the adjoining El Dorado Golf course. Play some beach volleyball or if you’d rather not get sandy, try the pool volleyball instead.

If its not your idea of a vacation without a little nightlife, there are nightly dinner cruises, themed beach parties, and casino focused evenings. Or you can take a local barhopping tour for an additional charge.

The cost is not included, but you may also set up a whale watching charter or do a bit of sports fishing. The Sea of Cortes is home to tuna, swordfish, Wahoo, Marlin, sailfish and sharks. The cost includes the cruise, a helpful crew, lifejackets, sonar equipment, and free fish cleaning.

Beaches, Swimming and Water Sports

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Each of the beaches around Los Cabos is more beautiful and picturesque than the last. Sapphire blue skies are reflected on the surface of the water – even the waves are glassy blue with snow-white crests – A truly striking sight.

However, due to the massive size of the powerful waves and a strong undertow current, swimming is dangerous and actually not allowed at Los Cabos. You can certainly take a walk along the beach any time, even strolling to the Playa Cabo Real beach next door where it is safe to swim. And there is no law against sunning, so you can certainly take a deeper tan home with you to show off to your friends.

Marquis Los Cabos has two infinity pools that appear to run seamlessly into the Sea of Cortes. In Reality, there is a lovely stretch of sand separating them. Each of the two crescent shaped pools has a row of built-in seats along the beach’s edge where you can relax, literally at the ocean’s edge.

From this vantage point, you are likely to see whales as they swim by, dolphins playing and flying rays in this exotic seashore. You can also daydream in one of the cozy hammocks or comfortable lounge chairs shaded by umbrellas along the pool’s edge.

A Luxury Resort and Spa

Marquis Los Cabos has it all, and your per-day charge includes it all; from transport to and from the airport to valet parking, from food to fun, from salon to spa, and from sweet dreams in your luxury bed to ocean side daydreaming. Whether you are traveling for business, a destination wedding, or to escape the rigors of the work world, serenity and luxury await at the Marquis Los Cabos Resort and Spa.

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