Islands to Go in Thailand

There are so many great places to visit in the world. Some of them are close to our heart and we want to go there the second time too. Thailand is a special destination to consider for your next vacation. It’s an amazing country with lots of reasons why you should go there. Its famous and popular islands are among the most visited on the planet for many tourists.

Everybody knows probably about Thailand’s Full Moon Parties, the biggest party in the area that happen every single month. Choosing to spend your holiday vacation in an exotic  and beautiful island in Thailand, it can be the best thing to do if you are looking to escape from the crowded towns or a daily routine of your work. A journey through Thailand’s islands can be a memorable one, discovering the beauty of those places with friendly and warm people.

If you don’t know exactly where to go, here’s an useful and inspiring list with beautiful islands in Thailand to discover, have lots of things to explore, opportunities to outdoor activities, relaxing and good food.

  • Koh Pi Pi  is a top destination from many tourists around the world with breathtaking landscapes to offer. It is a small archipelago situated in the south part of Thailand with the perfect scenario to attract tourists: fine sand, friendly inhabitants and  great food. Koh Pi Pi Don is the largest island and also the most crowded, while Ko hPi Pi Leh is a smaller one, but famous for being the location where “The island” movie was filmed, with Maya Bay being one of the most popular point of interest. The beauty of these small islands plus the relaxing moments spent in these places can’t be compared with nothing else.

Islands of Thailand

  • If you are still in the southern Thailand, another island that is worth visiting is Phuket , which is actually a region that has a large island plus others smaller. Each year millions of tourists visit Phuket to enjoy a wide range of qualitative services along with a spectacular view offered by the blue lagoon, pink sunsets, shopping areas, nightclubs, outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving, wind surfing and more. This area is more crowded than the tranquil spot Kho Pi Pi.

Islands of Thailand

  • Ready for the Full Moon Party? You have come to the right place called Koh Pang island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, where thousands of people take part of the Full Moon Party’s all night festivities, including music on the beach. It is a lovely island with coconut trees , sandy white beaches or rain forests to admire and enjoy.

Islands of Thailand


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