Important Attractions and Activities in Oslo

Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Oslo NorwayWe have places closer to our heart with an unstopped desire to come back and recharge our batteries for a whole year. For some of us can be a small island, while for others can be a stylish and modern European capital.

If you happen to visit Norway this year, you may be surprised to discover a great city such as Oslo. It is considered to be one of the coolest European destinations, a vibrant and inspiring capital that offers so many attraction and activities to do during your city break or long term journey.

No matter the period you arrive in Oslo, there is always something happening here with music concerts, especially during summer season with various genre, interesting outdoor activities for adventurous such as cycling or walking in the Oslo forest. Passionate about fishing? Norway is home for different species of cooked fish, fresh and consumed by both tourists and locals. Norway’s capital is also a top destination for design and architecture with impressive and spectacular points of interest.

If you want to check out the city’s highlights, here is an useful list with the most visited attractions in Oslo.

  • The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet is a representative point of interest with a stunning construction where more than 600 employees are working in almost 50 offices. The Opera House is open to the public and allow visitors to go on the roof for a beautiful panorama. This is the place for world-class opera and ballet performances that gather many curious and people passionate about these two activities.
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park is another important attraction in the area with more than one million tourists every year. The name is given by the sculptor Gustav Vigeland that realized this unique and unusual sculpture, as well as other 200 sculptures in bronze or granite. Due the fact that it’s open all year, this park is a great location for recreation after a busy day.
  • TusenFryd Amusement Park offers endless opportunities. If you want more adrenaline than admiring a couple of sculptures, this is a good place to start, because it has over 30 fun attractions, lots of interactive games, places to eat. TusenFryd is one of the largest amusement parks in the countries and is packed with various activities for both parents and children. It is the perfect location to bring your kids.
  • Quite impossible to forget the story about Fram Polar Bear. If you happen to be in Oslo, go and visit the Fram Museum, the right place to come on board the wooden ship and try an interesting experience of polar expeditions.

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