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Edinburgh vacationIf you are going to visit Europe this summer, think of Scotland as an amazing country to visit and discover its beauties. Probably the most important location in the city of Scotland is its capital, Edinburgh that is a great travel destination for tourist attractions with many interesting places to explore and spend your time and money.

As you may all know, Edinburgh is not a very affordable destination and many travelers come with a limited budget, so it’s important to identify all those affordable and free attractions to make the visit more pleasant and manageable. The good news is that tourists can enjoy a variety of free things to do and explore in Edinburgh. From museums and art galleries to parks and great events, these important free attractions can offer hours of entertainment without the need to break a bank. They are a simple way to discover the surroundings and know more about the area.

  1. National Museum is one of the top free attractions and a particular highlight to visit in Edinburgh. This museum is a great mix of old and new buildings, as well as the perfect location for tourists to find out more about Scotland’s past, natural history and its cultures. Moreover, travelers can see an impressive collection of articles of National importance plus excellent cafe and restaurant to rest after a long tour of the museum.
  2. Gallery of Modern Art is a great spot to admire beautiful artworks without paying admission. It is actually an inspiring option for all persons passionate about modern art that can admire sculpted pieces of art or other amazing exhibits. Another great location about art is the beautiful National Gallery located in the middle of Edinburgh. Although it’s not the largest gallery in the world, its paintings are very impressive and worth a visit.
  3. Scottish Parliament is another free attraction in the city that you should give it a try and see what is inside for a free tour. It is the seat of government in Scotland and a beautiful point of interest to admire its unique design features from a great architecture and have the opportunity to assist to various debates going on.
  4. Museum of Childhood is the place to revive your younger ages and remember good old times. It’s a perfect location for both adults and children with admission free.
  5. Royal Botanic Garden is a must-see attraction in Edinburgh, a very attractive location for tourists to spend quiet moments. Take a break from the cultural points of interests and explore the city’s many parks, gardens and riverside walks.

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