Eco-touristic Paradise in Costa Rica

Eco-touristic Paradise in Costa RicaEco tourism is an excellent alternative to the over crowded and commercial tourist destinations. Through ecotourism we understand a natural habitat which was left pretty much untouched by human hands, often secluded and which is meant to educate the traveler about the importance of respecting the earth and minimizing the environmental impacts. Through this kind of tourism, one can also experience the true cultures and traditions of a country in a unique way. One of the most successful travel industries based on this concept is Costa Rica which follows numerous sustainable schemes to protect its biodiversity.

Costa Rica is a very small country, almost 0,3% of the globe’s total surface, which is steeped with breathtaking landscapes and natural habitats. A funny fact is that this country has more bird life and butterflies than America or Africa. Costa Rica is a lush paradise which is home to thousands of species of plants, amphibians, reptiles, fish and animals, as well as varied landscapes formed from different types of vegetation and soil. These are only a few reasons for which this land has received International Support from the United States and the World Bank. Although the environmental costs are quite high, the efforts put into developing ecotourism have undeniably boosted Costa Rica’s touristic value as well as natural well-being.

The relief of Costa Rica is full of natural marvels, like different kind of volcanoes. The active ones are responsible for the occurrence of thermal springs, a great attraction for tourists. Other beautiful things to visit are the caves and pre-Columbian settlements, and the archaeological sites of the Americans. This is also a great place to go horse-back riding, or simply talking a walk through the vast national parks and wildlife refuges. It is clearly visible that the government has made incredible efforts to preserve the natural riches of the country, and that the sustainable policies are finally bearing fruit.

A great place to go if you are in search of the genuine Costa Rica experience, is the Leona Eco Lodge hotel. This resort was especially designed for nature lovers seeking untamed rain forests and rare wildlife. It is located in an isolated area, hugged by the luxurious forests and in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean which offers a spectacular panorama.

Come to Costa Rica if you want to experience nature at its best. Watch wildlife, relax and admire the beautiful landscapes, have fun in the thermal springs and take photos with some of the most exotic creatures on earth. Everything can be done in maximum comfort conditions, provided by eco-friendly impeccable services.

Given the noble-minded environmental goals and sometimes unrealistic ideals of ecotourism, it is very easy for people who believe that these utopian ecosystems cannot generate a profitable business to criticize the concept. However Costa Rica has demonstrated time and time again that a balance between environment protection and touristic industry can make a huge difference in the travelers experience.

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