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When it comes to picking out your accommodation for your vacation, it pays to do your research.

While something may look good online, it may turn out to be different in real life. A lot of people have been caught out by this, and their expectations have not been met.

That’s why it’s good to know exactly what you’re in for when it comes to your holiday accommodation. Let’s take a look at one destination in particular and give them an in-depth review.

What is Dreams Tulum?

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Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa is a holiday resort that is situated in the historic town of Tulum, located in the Riveria Maya, Mexico.

The property itself is found right next to the beach and is surrounded by 44 acres of gardens. There’s a lot to do and explore in the town of Tulum, so it pays to find somewhere to stay that’s close to these types of activities.

This resort is approximately ten minutes away from the Tulum historic ruins and half an hour’s drive from Playa Del Carmen.

This all-inclusive resort likes to hold itself to a high standard. One feature of this holiday destination that stands out to us is their variety of restaurants – six in total. This means that you can avoid the morning rush, and if you’re not a fan of buffets, you can get waiter service instead.

This resort is suitable both for couples and families, with features that cater to both.

What You’ll Experience at This Resort

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So, what will you experience when staying at a resort like this?

As we briefly mentioned, there are a number of different restaurants which provides you with waiter service. One of the best things about this is that you don’t have to book.

Through this service, you also have unlimited access to wines, beers, cocktails, and branded spirits. This is the type of upscale hotel where you don't have to bring out your wallet all the time. If you do eat at the restaurant, the bill will be charged to your account at your convenience.

If you are staying at this hotel as a family, they have an Explorer's Club which is open from 9 am to 10 pm. This provides children with supervised activities and adventures, giving you some time to yourselves.

Additionally, there is a section of the hotel that is adults only. This allows couples to enjoy complete privacy and peace.

There are 432 guestrooms at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. Each one comes with a private balcony or patio, a marble bathroom that includes both a shower and a bath, tea, and coffee amenities and a king-sized bed.

There is also 24-hour room service.

Things to Know When Staying at Dreams Tulum

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This vacation resort includes two substantial swimming pools, along with access to a private beach for sunbathing.

As well as having activities for the children, there are also ways that the parents can get involved as well. From lunchtime aerobics, beach volleyball and morning yoga, there’s enough to keep you busy throughout the day.

Every night Tulum resort provides guest with different types of entertainment, from cover bands to stand-up comedy.

You can book in a massage and enjoy the spa with all its relaxing features.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the food and drink options available at this holiday place.

You'll find seven lounges and bars, six a-la-carte restaurants, a café, a buffet, and a grill. The bars and lounges are where you'll find an unlimited supply of wine, beer, and spirits.

While we mentioned that you don’t have to book ahead for the restaurants, there is one exception to this. Himitsu restaurant takes reservations and prefers it if you book in advance.

Among the other restaurants, you'll find Mexican, Italian, French, and Asian cuisine. The standard of each is reasonably high. The best restaurant to go for a romantic dinner is the Seaside Grill.

Pricing of This Resort

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Now that we’ve discussed in detail what you can expect from a stay at this resort and spa, let’s take a look at how much it will cost you to stay here and different deals you may find on comparable booking websites:

  • Agoda: Agoda is a competitive booking website that offers good deals on accommodation, including Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. Their best price for this resort for two adults to stay overnight is $300. This includes free breakfast as well as lunch and dinner included. Agoda also offers the option of booking the room now and paying for it later.
  • Booking: Booking is another excellent online booking website that offers exclusive deals, often at unbeatable price points. For two adults to stay at the Tulum resort overnight, it will be $200. This is a double room which is also all-inclusive.
  • Dreams Tulum: naturally, you may also book this holiday destination through their website. While it may cost you a bit more, there will be advantages to this, including no booking fee. The cheapest room for two adult’s overnight costs $350, and it may not include a free breakfast or access to lunch and dinner options.

Comparing This Resort with The Beach Tulum

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Now that we've talked about the different price points to expect from Dreams Resort let's take a look at other vacation accommodation in the area and see how they compare.

To begin with, The Beach Tulum is a lot smaller than the Dreams Resort. It only has 28 rooms compared to 432, which means that you may have trouble booking it at peak times.

This hotel is eco-friendly and upscale. Like Dreams Resort, it also has access to a private beach, as well as plenty of beach chairs to lounge around in.

From tours, water activities and yoga, The Beach Tulum also offers children and adults options when it comes to deciding what to do with the day.

One feature that stands out with The Beach Tulum is that every single one of their rooms is on the beach. While they may not have as many rooms as Dreams does, they are the type of boutique hotel that’s desirable if you like waterfront views.

One downside to this, however, is that there are many mosquitos about, which can get into the room.

The Beach Tulum has one swimming pool and two restaurants. This means that there are not as many choices as Dreams Tulum. Their cheapest room for two adults is $415.00 for one night.

Comparing This Resort with Jashita Hotel

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One thing we love about the Jashita Hotel is that it is located on the Western end of the bay, which means that it is surrounded by private villas instead of other hotels. If you’re looking for a hotel with a bit more privacy, it is ideal.

This hotel technically isn’t a resort, which means it doesn’t include a gym or tennis court. However, it does have three swimming pools, compared to Dreams’ two.

Because this is a smaller hotel that is situated right on the water, it encourages you to go out and explore the landscape for yourself. There are fewer activities available within the hotel itself, but they do have guides and will direct you to where you can hire snorkeling gear, among other things.

Jashita Hotel has one restaurant, compared to Dream Tulum's six. However, the food is high quality, and you won't feel crowded when eating.

One thing to note is that there is a reef right in front of this hotel, which makes beach access limited. They also have many different room options, depending on what you're looking for.

It will cost two adults $200 for one room overnight.

Comparing This Resort with Be Tulum Spa and Resort


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With three restaurants to choose from, the next hotel we are examining is a little closer to Dreams – but it still has its differences, however.

Their full-service spa allows you to spend the day relaxing and indulging. Like Dreams Tulum, this resort also has two substantial swimming pools.

There are 64 rooms at this spa and resort. With each room, you receive a free bathrobe, as well as toiletries, safes, ceiling fans, and full room service.

The restaurants serve international cuisine, and the bar is poolside so you can enjoy a drink while you have a relaxing swim.

You get free use of laundry services as well as bicycles and wi-fi. While it’s not as close to Tulum historical ruins, it’s still only thirty minutes’ drive away. You can choose the theme of your room from three choices: sea, white sand or jungle.

While this is a sought-after resort with a number of different features and activities, it is also the most expensive in our review. For their premium jungle room, you're looking at spending $1511 a night for two adults.

Advantages of Dreams Tulum

Now that we've looked at Dreams Tulum Spa and compared it to similar hotels in the area, let's discuss the benefits of staying here:

  • Food Choices: compared with similar accommodation, this resort has an extensive range of breakfast, lunch and dinner choices to choose from. It boasts the highest number of restaurants, as well as bars and lounges. It even includes a grill and café. This resort is our pick when it comes to food and drink availability.
  • Pricing: while Dreams Resort isn't the cheapest accommodation in Tulum, it's certainly not the most expensive, either. When searching online for your booking, there are many different companies that you can choose to book through that will offer good deals and even discounts here and there.
  • Family Friendly: there is plenty to do at this vacation destination that can accommodate the whole family. From yoga in the morning to volleyball and even a kid's program that runs through into the evening, there's a lot to keep the boredom at bay, and the children entertained. We consider this to be one of the best picks when it comes to traveling and holidaying as a family.

Disadvantages of Dreams Tulum

We’ve discussed the advantages of staying at Dreams Tulum. Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages and potential setbacks:

  • Average Swim Areas: customers are saying that, while you have exclusive access to an area of beach directly from the resort, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best part of the beach. Apparently, the swim areas at the beach are quite rocky, making it difficult to swim. This also means that the snorkeling isn't that great, either.
  • Distance from Cancun Airport: Dreams Tulum is a relatively long way away from Cancun airport, clocking in at 1 ½ hours. There are many other hotels and resorts that offer similar accommodation that is much closer to the airport. This type of convenience will be important to some guests.
  • Large Grounds: we’ve mentioned that this resort is spread out over 44 acres of land. While this may sound appealing, it can make for a confusing stay. Customers report that the grounds are so big it's easy to get lost on them. It also makes it hard to find some of the activities on offer, which means that you may end up wasting some of the day looking for individual parts of the hotel.

Reviewing Dreams Tulum

We’ve looked in great detail at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. We’ve discussed what you can expect from staying at this hotel, how much it may cost you and how it compares to similar accommodation in the area.

In conclusion, we have awarded this Tulum Resort 4/5 stars. While it may have a couple of downsides including less than ideal beach access and confusing grounds, we believe that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

For your next family holiday, find a good deal at Dreams Tulum Resort. Your children will love the activities, and you'll enjoy relaxing poolside with a drink in hand.

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