Discover the Top Pacific Ocean Destinations

The Pacific Ocean got his name from Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer, when, as he was crossing it in 1521, he was amazed by the peaceful winds he encountered throughout his journey. In Portuguese mar pacifico means peaceful sea. When others shortly after him crossed the ocean, the winds didn’t appear to be so friends anymore, but the name stuck.

It is the largest division of the World Ocean and it holds the deepest point in the world, the Mariana Trench (10 911 meters). We thought we would present to you some of the most appealing Pacific Ocean destinations, now that winter’s closing in on us. What better way to spend a few minutes of your time, than browsing through some of the best Pacific Ocean destinations, daydreaming about them and even planning a trip in the near or distant future.

Pacific Ocean destinations

Dunedin, New Zealand

If you’re wondering why you should choose New Zealand as your destination, our answer is simple: it’s an amazingly beautiful country and Dunedin is the perfect location to prove that.

Island of Tasmania

Tasmania is not a destination for the lazy. If all you want to do on your trip is to sit on the beach with a fancy cocktail in your hand and get a tan, then you’re better off choosing another Pacific Ocean destination. Tasmania is great for exploring from the underwater caves to the Hartz Mountains. There is even a National Park that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list – the  Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

Kauai, Hawaii

In any list about the Pacific Ocean destinations, Hawaii has a spot reserved. Any island is perfect for relaxing and escaping your troubles, but Kauai is in a league of its own. It looks like a piece of heaven, it has white sand beaches, soaring cliffs and vegetation that seems to be taken out of a Jules Verne novel. Force yourself to explore the island and fight the initial urge to simply admire the view.

Pacific Ocean Destinations


We all know those perfect pictures of white sand beaches and palm trees on those travel brochures that make us want to start saving for a trip the moment we are born. Well, those pictures are probably of Tahiti. So we won’t linger on the reasons why you should visit Tahiti.


This island country in Melanesia (South Pacific Ocean) is truly a gem with its more than 332 islands (110 are permanently inhabited) and a bit over 500 islets – so you have plenty to choose from. The people of Fiji are famous for their hospitality and it is said to be one of the friendliest places in the world. Visit the largest island of Fiji, Vitu Levu where the capitals Suva is. 70% of the population lives on this island, so if you want to have a taste of what Fiji is really about this is the island to do it in. If you want to relax in a secluded location, choose Matangi or the Lost Island.


Let Vanuatu rock your world! Did you know that Vanuatu has plenty earthquakes each year? Don’t let those scare you, though. Visit the Yasur Volcano – you can get amazingly close to the rim with tour cars and the ashes have practically killed all the vegetation around it making the scenery exquisitely eerie. A few kilometers away, you’re back on lush beaches with sand and amazing fish and as a bonus, the weather is almost always just perfect!

Taipei, Taiwan

If exotic beaches aren’t your cup of tea (really?!) then you can explore Taiwan’s most vibrant city, Taipei. You can shop till you drop in Ximending, watch a movie on the largest screen in Asia or visit the the Longshan Temple.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is perfect for couples, as it is the perfect romantic Pacific Ocean destination. Its French style culture will enchant you and the beaches will make you want to stay there forever, because it is paradise. Sail, do watersports, golf or simply soak in the sun, just make sure you take lots of pictures!

Trujillo, Peru

Don’t limit yourself to the South Pacific islands, why not give South America a try and visit Trujillo, Peru. The wonderful colonial streets of the old city of Trujillo will take you back in time hundreds of years. The city of founded in 1534 by Francisco Pizarro and has always been a wealthy city – obvious to the naked eye from the minute you step foot on in it.

We hope you have enjoyed our top Pacific Ocean destinations. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and drop us a line in the comment section below!


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