Discover the Seychelles Islands

Seychelles IslandsWould you like to experience something different this summer? Interested about a memorable vacation to an exotic, beautiful and tropical paradise? What about the Seychelles islands? It’s a different and unique destination that is worth going there at least one time in your life. You’ll love the weather, fine sands, vivid waters, exotic palms along with other outdoor activities to explore.

If you are tempted to go in the other corner of the world, to the Indian Ocean, near east Africa, the place where you can find the Seychelles islands, you’ll see that’s an impressive location on earth to escape. Practically, it is another world that waits to be discovered.

Why should you go and visit the Seychelles islands? There are a tons of reasons to escape to these exclusive islands of a rare beauty, with the rarest life form on earth kept in pristine conditions; one of the few places left on the planet to rediscover the ancient past, ourselves and spent a memorable vacation.

A journey full of endless opportunities from shopping, sailing to diving or fishing to be experienced by every tourist eager to explore this little paradise called the Seychelles. These islands are actually very popular and famous among tourists interested about an exotic and exclusive vacation. Moreover, they have an extraordinary multicultural society with natural places and wildfire that attract visitors, especially being the place to find the gigantic coconut also known as the coconut of the sea.

Once arrived on the Seychelles islands, you can enjoy the lovely weather where there’s plenty of warm sunshine, calm breeze and an average temperature of 29 degrees in April, which is basically the best month to visit this place. The perfect timing for a romantic walk on the beaches, enjoying and swimming inside the warm water of the Indian Ocean.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to experience here from diving to fishing. The Seychelles islands are home to six maritime national parks, sharks, rare turtles along with thousands of species of fish. A top diving sports on the islands is called the Shark Bank where you can have lots of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Travelers have also the chance to experience a world cuisine with a mix of African, Chinese, French or Indian foods and great and tasty meals such as grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves and other goodies.

Would you like something else rather than lying on the beach and staring at the sun? Looking for more adventure? Explore the jungle of Praslin, which is the second largest island of the Seychelles, a pure destination often associated with the Garden of Heaven.

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