Discover Great Things to Do and See in Livorno, Italy

Italy is an excellent travel destination for everyone looking to spend some quality time and discover the architecture, locals, culture and lots of interesting cities. It’s a beautiful European country preferred by tourists from all over the world and we have been recommended other must-see and attractive places.

This time, we are talking about Livorno, the Tuscan getaway to the Mediterranean Sea, located on the coat and surrounded by canals.  It is a port city that dates over 400 years ago, with a interesting yet unique history and different from the rest of regions, being hard to believe it’s a Tuscan town at all.

If Florence has the Duomo and its Renaissance paintings, medieval streets or many shops, Livorno has also so many things to offer such as: the canals, the sea, a relaxing Medici port, excellent food market, shopping areas, breathtaking sunsets and other Italian things to be experienced.

Livorno City

But, let’s see some of the most attractive places and things to explore in Livorno, Tuscany’s third largest city, after Florence and Prato:

1. Visit the Museum Mascagnano to find out more information about the theatrical arts and admire different exhibitions where you can see Pietro Mascagni’s works. Another place you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Livorno is Terrace Mascagni, a romantic and ideal location with a great picture with the sea.

2. The Central Market is one of the highlights of the city, located near the Plaza Cavour and dates from the late 19-th century. Designed by Angiolo Badaloni, it could be the source of inspiration for Parisian architecture and is worth a visit. Tourists can taste a traditional and authentic Italian food plus other intriguing food stuff, as the place has 34 shops and 240 stalls with a variety of products. Visit a bar inside the market where you can taste a delicious Italian coffee and pastry, because they are delicious. If you are a foodie, you’ll love their cuisine.

3. Do you want to have an original view of this city? Are you thinking of visiting the city during the hot summer? Then, you should consider a boat trip along its canals, as being the best way to know the city. Moreover, it is relaxing and provides beautiful views of this region, so you should try it. Regarding the costs, tickets for the boat trip are between 10 and 12 euros and can be purchased via the Tourist Information office in Via Peroni, when you arrive.

Looking for something different and unusual to see in Livorno? Maybe you are curious to see Marco Quaretta’s vintage Vespa workshop and discover a long life passion for Vespa scooters.

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