Discover Burano, a Beautifully Colored Island in Italy

Summer is about to start and you are inevitably thinking of that dreaming vacation you’ve been waiting for a while. Do you want to explore a new island, but don’t know exactly where to go? What about Burano, an amazing and colorful island located in the Venetian lagoon.

Moreover, it is known as the island of lace and home for big artists such as Baldassare Galuppi, Barboro or Arte Buranella. Every tourist who arrives here remains impressed by this variety of colorful houses reflected into the green waters or channels. The place is famous for its artisan lace makers and its Lace Museum plus shops where locals sell laces. It has also a leaning tower called the Oblique Bell Tower,  the tower of the 15th century San Martino Church.

The area is quite vibrant and beautiful; it seems like you are in paradise; a place where you get to see flowers growing in windows boxes or small boats on the canals with fishermen putting their fresh fish from the traditional boats or children who play with their bicycles. Burano is a location filled with energy, interesting buildings, good food and some catchy attractions waiting to be discovered.

Island of Burano Italy

Via Galuppi is the island’s main street, where tourists can enjoy delicious pastry, as well as many shops for souvenirs, restaurants, stores or bars. If you walk away from this area, you’ll be able to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the canals plus colorful houses that have been a main attraction for painters to come on this island.

Probably a memorable experience will be to try a walking on a boat via the canals to see all surroundings or gone shopping for laces. Other attractions pr places to visit are, as we mentioned, the Lace Museum, the Town Hall, a great building made of Istria’s stone or Baldassare Galuppi’s sculpture made by Barbaro, the most well-known sculptor from the island. If you are lacking inspiration for gifts to your family, some stands offer Murano glass products or Venetian masks at a very affordable price.

If you are walking through tiny streets, you’ll see lots of capitals located in the calli entrances and, while you search them, you may found one of the most famous an colored house in the island called the House of Joseph Sweaty. If you pay attention to the major houses, you’ll see that most of them look interesting with so many colors, which represent their principal feature.

Regarding the island’s name, Burano comes from <Porta Boreana>, the northern part of the city and is a must see Italian island.

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