We are still young, but growing up fast. From the numbers of daily unique visitors and subscribers which are progressively rising, to our social media strong presence, we are proven every day that our recipe for success works: we provide good content. Not only that, but we are also very passionate about what we do and this shows best when our articles are shared on a viral level on Reddit or Google+. This means our readers love what they see and we love what we write.

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Route4Us prides itself on providing cutting-edge and in-depth information from a wide number of popular travel – related fields, including, but not limited to, vacation destinations, touristic offers and packages, how – to guides, accommodation opportunities and other similar topics. Our readership is comprised of young, digitally savvy and upwardly mobile web users. What’s more, most of them come from the most profitable market demographic: mobile, young, English speaking, interested in travel and touristic offers and holding the biggest purchase power. If your brand needs a visibility boost, then they’re the ones you want to target.


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We’re still fresh, which means our metrics are constantly updating and increasing. We only provide such data on request because we don’t want to inadvertently mislead anyone with outdated information. For our latest rates and traffic stats, don’t hesitate to Contact us.