About Us

So this is how the story went at first…

Route 4 Us started as a personal project of a few people driven by the conviction that this world is too large, to beautiful and too challenging to remain undiscovered. Unfortunately, not many out there can travel wherever they want, whenever they want to, so offering them a place to fuel their dreams and entice them to pick a destination and just go see it was our first intention.

But then, things got serious…

In the meanwhile, we realized it is more to travel than beautiful places and our readers started asking for deeper explorations, detailed information and updated travel opportunities, so we took a step further and started digging deeper. This is how we came to travel by ourselves, discover remote places that were worth a visit, fly from one place to another, check out hotels and restaurants, find the sweetest and the most exciting of touristic destinations worldwide. So far we talked about luxury travel, budget – oriented packages, spectacular beaches, places that blend history with culture and tradition, entertainment opportunities and leisure time for everybody. And we don’t plan to stop.

Our Mission

Let us entertain you! Let us guide you through the world and make you want to discover and try new things, enrich your experiences, sharing information with the others, build a community. We encourage critical thinking and feed-back just as much as we encourage communication and knowledge building. If you have some hot news you think we’d love to hear about, feel free to contact us. If you have suggestions, improvement recommendations and requests on the subjects you’d like to know more about, don’t hesitate to use the contact form available on this site.

Happy travels!